What to Give Up or Offer for Lent

Ideas: What to Give Up or Offer for Lent

Have you decided what to give up or offer for Lent?  If you haven't made up your mind, it is never too late to start your Lent promise for this year.  If you are not willing to give up something, you may...
10 Foods to Avoid on Valentine's Day

10 Foods to Avoid on Valentine’s Day

Whether you are already in a relationship or about to start a new one, you will want to pay attention to what you eat and keep in mind these 10 foods to avoid on Valentine's Day.  You do not want the wrong...
Alimentos que acelera tu metabolismo.cover

Alimentos que acelera tu metabolismo

Parece una fábula pero es verdad, existen alimentos que acelera tu metabolismo, la cosa interesante, es que dichos alimentos son capaces incluso de quemar la grasa depositada en exceso en tu...

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Cuatro Tendencias Otoño 2014.1

Cuatro Tendencias Otoño 2014

Hablemos de moda y tendencias. En esta nota te contaremos cuáles son las cuatro tendencias otoño 2014 que nos han...

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