Whether you are already in a relationship or about to start a new one, you will want to pay attention to what you eat and keep in mind these 10 foods to avoid on Valentine’s Day.  You do not want the wrong choice of food spoil your romantic evening and bring on an embarrassing moment in the middle of a nice conversation or act of love.  There may be other foods to avoid not mentioned above that are more well know for producing flatulence, but all of these were news to me so I thought of sharing them with you.

10 Foods to Avoid on Valentine's Day

10 Foods to Avoid on Valentine’s Day

  1. No canned appetizersThe sodium present in many preserves, lowers the testosterone levels. Always try something fresh because it better and healthier.  
  2. No Asian foods. Perhaps going to an Asian Restaurant is not the best idea on Valentine’s Day since soy and tofu increase the estrogen levels reducing men’s sexual desire.
  3. No Junk or fast food.  Fast food such as burgers or processed meat have saturated fat which inflates and produces what is commonly called as downturn” which subtracts energy. These foods take aways momentum, and, therefore, desire.
  4. No food rich in fiber such as vegetables.  The fiber increases our level of gas in the body. They produce swelling and flatulence, and it can be quite embarrassing if our bodies lets go of them in the middle of romance.
  5. Sorry no fries! I love them, but they can be gassy and make you feel a bit bloated.  Even more so, if mass produced because of their high level content of saturated fat.
  6. Not too minty or creamy.  Meals spiced or condimented with mint or creamysauces directly reduce the testosterone level in the blood.
  7. Don’t abuse alcohol. A romantic night has to have some alcohol but don’t overdo it.  Clearly, the initial euphoria can turn into a premature sleepiness, erection problems or a not so intense orgasm.
  8. Sweets for another day.  Too much sugar or sweets in your romantic evening can produce insulin fluctuations which may for the sugar produced insulin fluctuations and may makes us sleepy when we least want it.
  9. No strawberries with chocolate. Even though chocolate with strawberries are almost an iconic treat for Valentine’s, the combination is a big no, no.  Strawberries as many other fruits may product flatulence.  However, chocolate by itself is quite safe and recommended because they boost the feminine estrogen levels.  
  10. No Gin and tonic.  The quinine is known for reducing the testosterone levels so you man want to choose another cocktail to start or wrap up the romantic evening.

If you know of other foods to avoid on Valentine’s Day that you may think of, send it my way!

Happy Valentine’s Day

– Adriana, TheMomsBuzz.com

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