10 Tips for Making Reading More Enjoyable for Children

As busy moms we love tips, especially, when we find these days harder for children to choose reading as a fun pastime.  Here are some great 10 tips for making reading more enjoyable for children and to make your choice of books an easier task and for a more effective and pleasant reading experience:

  1. Have children choose their own books as soon as they start showing a
    preference for one over another.
  2. Find the children's section of your local library. Get to know the
    librarian, who can be a great resource.
  3. Find out what your child is interested in, and help choose
    books that are related to his or her interests.
  4. Ask friends, family, and teachers what books their children have
    enjoyed; try a book swap.
  5. If your child does not like a book you are reading together,
    put it away. Reading is a fun time to share, not a time to fight.
  6. Again, Again, Again! Children may want to read the same book
    many times, even if you think they have outgrown it.
  7. Use book lists generated by various literacy organizations; they
    usually have good suggestions. For example: American Library
    Association, International Reading Association, Children's Book Guild
  8. Look for books that you will like reading aloud. Your enjoyment will
    shine through and become contagious.
  9. Try out different kinds of books to see what appeals to your children.
  10. Have fun! Show your children the joy of reading and how it can
    open up a brand new world!

– The Moms Buzz

sources: www.commonsensemedia. org and www.rif.org

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  1. noreen

    I would add let them make their own books, at first they draw and you write, eventually they can do it all


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