As a busy mom, you tend to make your morning routine as efficient as possible. With a million and one things to think about, leaving little tasks undone as you rush out in the morning can feel like a shortcut to keeping on schedule. Chores such as washing up, making the bed, or even opening the curtains can feel like a task too far, an unnecessary waste of precious energy that can anyway be deferred until you return in the evening.

Of course, every evening the same thing happens: you get a vague sense of dread at returning to the work you’ve left undone, and once you do get home your energy levels are running on their reserves. It’s not a pleasant feeling.

Wouldn’t it be great to look forward to a (relatively) calm and comfortable evening? Well, there’s no free ride, but a shift in the balance of your morning routine can make a big psychological difference to the way you relate to your home at the end of a tough day.  Having good habits in your morning routine to keep your house tidy can certainly make that difference.

That bed that needs making, for example – sure, you can always crawl under a dishevelled duvet at bedtime, but if you’ve taken sixty seconds in the morning to make the bed, plump the pillows, and even lay out your pyjamas, that inviting scenario will be with you all day to enhance your anticipation of a good night’s rest.

It’s not all chores, either: there are a handful of cheats to shift your perception of your home on your return. Leave flowers in the hallway, for example, to be greeted by freshness and life when you get in. Preparing a snack in advance will give you instant gratification when you get home – and a little energy boost for the evening. It’s all about looking out for the ‘future you’.

15 Good Habits in Your Morning Routine to Keep Your House Tidy

For a few more tips on what you can do around the house in your morning routine to make it an inviting place to return, check out this infographic for a full rundown on the little tweaks you can make in the living room, kitchen and bedroom, to make coming home a more enticing prospect.

These 15 good habits in your morning routine will give that sense of home sweet home when you get back from a busy day.

15 Habits in Your Morning Routine to Make Coming Back Home Even Better

15 Morning Habits to Make Coming Back Home Even Better [Infographic] by the team at Amara


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