We all have dreams for our kids on what they are going to look like, where they will go to college, what they will be when they grow up, whether or not theyíll end up being President/A-list celebrity/Pulitzer Prize winner (no? just me?)óbut none of them include struggling through debt. Yet, for so many college students, thatís exactly how they start off their careersóunder a mountain of student loan debt. With tuition costs ever-increasing, taking out a loan to cover the cost of higher education may be necessary, but you can help decrease the total amount borrowed by starting a college savings planÖwhile the babyís still in utero. Itís never too early to start saving for college!

Cutting costs to save money for education doesnít have to be a major sacrifice. A few small changes here and there to your current lifestyle can make a big difference in the long run. This infographic by GED Academy shows you which things you can do without in order to stretch your current budget to make room for an education savings plan. Skip Starbucks in favor of home-brew; do your own nails instead of hitting up a salonóconsider giving up these daily and weekly indulgences as an investment in your childís future.


– The Moms Buzz by guest blogger Marcela DeVivo

Marcela De Vivo is a freelance writer and mother of three in Southern California. When back-to-school season starts, she knows that the germs are abound, so she does her best to teach her kids how to have good hygiene wherever they go. Follow her on Pinterest for more great tips.

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My real job in life is raising my 3 kids and having a nice, healthy and active family life. Along the way, I realized that motherhood didn’t come with a manual and frequently asked questions so I had to learn my way through with the help and advice of other mothers and that is how I decided to start a blog about tips for busy moms, The Moms Buzz, a lifestyle blog about only the buzz that matters. Modern moms are busy busy, and whatever tips make our lives easier we are ready to try them, we don’t have the time to read and read lengthy advices, but we can certainly read 1-2-3-SOLVED. Adriana is also the founder of ModaPreviewInternational.com and an established fashion/portrait photographer.

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