The Cherry Blossoms are undoubtedly one of the finest attractions in our Nation’s Capital during the spring, and when they reach their peak bloom, Washingtonians as well as all the tourists goes crazy to visit them. The City witnesses one of the busiest days of the year, especially so, during the weekends.

Although there are many ways to get to the Tidal Basin, where the Cherry Blossoms are located, it is important to know what 4 best ways to get to the Cherry Blossoms in DC are so that you do not get stuck in a dreadful traffic jam with no way out for hours.

Especially if you are with kids, you do not want to go by car.  So, keep in mind these 4 best ways to get to the Cherry Blossoms in DC so that you make the best of your time getting and spending it there with enough time to contemplate and admire these beautiful trees, a gift of the Japanese to the US.

4 Best Ways to Get to the Cherry Blossoms in DC

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 4 Best Ways to Get to the Cherry Blossoms in DC

  1. Use the Metro Railroad System – the DC Metro is quite extensive and will bring you very close to the Tidal Basin.  The closest Metro Stop is the Smithsonian Station.  The Smithsonian station is about .40 mile from the Tidal Basin.
  2. Use the Water Taxi – you need to drive to Old Town Alexandria and park by the Torpedo Factory. Buy your ticket at the main Marina.  The Water Taxis leave every half hour on the hour, and it takes about 30 minutes to get to the other side of the Potomac River.  The Water Taxi will drop you off West of the Tidal Basin.  It is a really enjoyable trip with a beautiful scenery.  Kids will absolutely love it.
  3. Go by Bycle – I would say it is the nicest way to get to see the Cherry Blossoms coming from different locations surrounding the area.  You can even take the metro with your own bikes or else rent the Capital Bikes, which can be found everywhere in the city.
  4. Go Walking – depending on your departure location, walking seems a great alternative to get to the Cherry Blossoms.  If you are coming from miles aways, you may want to drive into a close by location and then walk into the city.

Also, if you plan to make it day out of your visit to the Cherry Blossoms, it is not a bad idea at all to carry with you water bottles, a little picnic or snacks.  Restaurants around the Tidal Basins, although located walking distance, they are not really that close.  Again, if you go with kids, it is better to go prepared with some snacks and drinks for the in-betweens.


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