Buying a pet and using pet care products that are both healthy and better for the environment are often expensive choices, making it difficult to find and provide the absolute best for our furry friends. But there are plenty of ways to save costs on purchasing a pet and providing healthy pet care—making you and your pet happy. Below you will learn about 4 Ways to Take Better Care of Your Pet, While Saving Money:

Rescue or Adopt a Pet – If you’re in the market for a new dog or cat consider rescuing and adoption. Purebred animals almost always have the highest price tags. Try adopting a pet instead.

  1. Adopting a pet from a local humane society or from a national breed rescue organization if you’re set on a specific dog or cat breed, helps you save money and save an animal from a potentially dim future.
  2. Humane societies and rescue shelters often charge minimal adoption fees, usually equivalent to (and including!) the cost of spaying or neutering an animal. 
  3. is a great site to begin your search for adopting a pet.

Choose Food Carefully – The cheapest pet foods often have the most unhealthy ingredients and fillers. While organic pet food options may be more expensive, in the long run you will save money. How?

  1. Healthy pet food will help prevent health problems (saving you money on veterinary and medicine costs)
  2. Healthy pet food contributes to healthy nails and coats of hair (saving you money on grooming costs)
  3. Healthy pet food reduces the likelihood of behavioral issues associated with poor diets (saving you training costs).

Get Rid of Fleas, Ticks and Lice – Conventional pest remedies are usually made of synthetic, chemical-filled ingredients. Sure, those products kill the fleas, but how good are they for your pet? Avoid expensive gimmicky products and invest in the following:

  1. Organic shampoos and rinses to rid your pets of critters. Remember, they may be more expensive up front – but you will save money in the long run. 
  2. Use a pest repellant that’s safe for you and your pet. Try adding brewer's yeast or nutritional yeast, or flaxseed oil to pet food as an effective flea repellent.
  3. Keep your house clean from fleas by filling a shallow pan with soapy water and place a hot lamp overhead. Fleas will jump towards the heat of the light, land in the soapy water and die.
  4. Buy or create your own flea collars that contain combinations of various herbs that repel fleas. Herbs to use are lavender, mint, rosemary and cedar.
  5. Keep your home & pet bedding cleaner by designating specific areas for your pet to sleep/play. This saves you time and cost on clean-up.

Make Play Time Fun

  1. Don’t hire a dog-walker. Set a schedule to walk the dog yourself. You know you want the exercise too!
  2. If there are any dog parks in your area, visit one a couple of times each week instead of spending on doggie day care.
  3. What about toys? You don’t need to spend much on fancy toys. Some dried catnip sewed in scrap cloth will put your cat in bliss, or an old sock or towel tied into knots will make a fun tug-of-war game with your pup.

Get creative with your pet and have fun. A more natural pet environment will boost their immune system and bring your household more joy for years to come!

– Nathan Joynt for The Moms Buzz


Nathan Joynt works with Gaiam Inc, a leading media company specializing in online yoga and healthy, sustainable living solutions.

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