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In modern days, bonding as a family is not the same as in the old days. As life gets faster and busier, it seems more difficult to bond by only spending physical time together.  I have found that technology has contributed to this faster and busier pace in our lives.  But, at the same time, it gives us ways to compensate for the lack of physical time together with our immediate family, parents and friends.

Here are my 5 innovative ways to bond as a family when we can't be physically together:

  1. Definitely Facebook has been a biggy. In Facebook, the connection to friends, family and parents have been amazing! I am now connected to all my cousins, second cousins, third cousins, my aunts and uncles, nephews, nieces, childhood friends I lost contact with, friends, co-workers, my siblings and even my own parents, who are already 80, are on Facebook!  I now know what each of my beloved people are doing, know their children and respective families, get to see pictures, know where and when they are on vacation and get to share bits of their vacations by commenting on their photos.  We are connected 24/7.  How neat is that? Great bonding here and it is effective.  I feel closer to all my family, extended family and friends.
  2. Text messaging is my second favorite.  Texting is not only fun, but it is fast, to the point and super effective.  Sending "I love you" to my children or husband on a text is a nice love gesture popping on your phone screen to receive during your hectic day! Receiving any text from my family members, or my siblings who live abroad makes me feel so much closer to them, and always present in their minds and heart!
  3. Filming on the go has been huge for me as mom. I just love to capture my children reaching important milestones, their events, or just simply doing whatever at home, and then, just upload it to the Internet for immediate sharing with my husband, if he wasn't there, my siblings and parents.
  4. Taking pictures on the go has also been another huge one for me as mom.  I just love to photography my children.  I know they are sick of it, but they know that's because I love them with all my heart and can't stop pressing that shutter speed button!
  5. Email.  As we all know, Email was the first to revolutionize the way we communicate.  As a family, important things are shared via email. Letters of acceptances, updates, good and bad news. When I want to share news to my family, friends, etc.  I use email.

The best thing of all is that I can do all the above and much more using a smartphone. A smartphone is the #1 tool for busy modern moms! And, as everything in life, there are smartphones and smartphones.  You may own one already, but you need to learn about this new baby that just came out in the market: Spring HTC EVO 4G. Here's the scoop:

America’s first 4G phone is also the first to deliver download speeds up to 10x faster than 3G and be a mobile hotspot for up to eight Wi-Fi enabled devices.  Not to mention front and rear-facing cameras and the ability to stream live video to the Web.  And you get access to over 65,000 apps you’ve come to expect from an Android.  So the only question is, what will you do first with EVO? Here are some suggestions… sprint.com/firsts.

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