Our Kids Will Love Learning New Languages With These 6 New Apps

Learning a new language is something that we should all encourage our children to do. It can give them a leg up on the competition when they go to compete for scholarships, get into college, find jobs, and even get promotions. Knowing at least a conversational amount of any language can really help your child’s future.

However, knowing a language can also help our children now. It can help them become global citizens that have a deeper understanding of other cultures, making them more sympathetic toward others.

In today’s world, we are a disadvantage if we only speak one language. Other cultures are learning new languages are a very quick pace, and we need to keep up in the US.

It is increasingly important to learning a language when you are young because you just pick those languages up much more quickly.

Apps for Learning New Languages

But how can you encourage learning a new language to your children? You can start by encouraging them to play on their phones using these apps:

Hello Talk

Hello Talk is one of the most fun and effective ways for learning new languages that your child will enjoy. It doesn’t use book learning or lesson plans. Instead, it puts your child into the world they will use the language in – conversation. Communication and discussion is the best way to learn a language for a lifetime – not just until the next test.

Hello Talk will connect your child to someone who natively speaks the language that he is trying to learn. There are over 100 languages to choose from, so it doesn’t matter if your child wants to learn something common or a little strange.

Learning new languages Hello talk

You have a ton of bonuses within this app too, including speech to text, transliteration skills, and grammar correction.

You might be worried about the connection to someone else, but don’t be. Hello Talk worked with Agora.io, a communications company with 70 data centers all over the world. This ensures that the video and audio connection is of the highest quality, so language lessons are never interrupted no matter what country the teacher is in.

Cost: Free

Where to Get it: iTunes Android


Duolingo is another of our favorite Apps for learning new languages.  It is an app that has stood the test of time, mostly because it has been able to adjust and change to keep up with the times. It just recently recreated itself again and has brought with it a new type of learning.

Duolingo takes the language and breaks it down into small, actionable levels where your child will learn bits of the language. As they “level up,” they are able to take what they learned and use it to learn something else.

Learning new languages Duolingo

Games and quizzes make this one a hit with children but they are still learning.

The downside is that Duolingo doesn’t use speaking, so you might want to combine it with an app that does, like Hello Talk.

Cost: Free

Where to Get it: iTunes Android


Busuu has a different approach for leaning new languages.  Busuu is a collaborative app that uses the ideas of 60 million native speakers to help other people learn their languages quickly.  They do this with heart because they really want people to know their language. The lessons include vocabulary, grammar, reading, and listening tests that will have your child learning at a clip.

The best part about this app is that, if your children aren’t the best at learning languages, you can adjust the time they spend on a level. The app automatically detects when someone is struggling with someone (or succeeding) so that they know when to move on.

Learning new languages Busuu

Busuu frequently uses games and entertainment to hide the fact that your child is learning so you won’t have to force him or her to play.

If you want your child to get a brief study of multiple languages, Busuu can help with that because they have a list of 150 topics and 3,000 words in many languages that you “need to know.”

Cost: Free

Where to Get it: iTunes Android


Lingvist teaches your child a new language in 200 hours – which seems too good to be true. The app pushes so much into just a few hours a day that it is entirely believable.

It is so successful by combing vocabulary, grammar, and flashcards together to teach the language. The app tracks how your child is doing so that it can adjust the learning process, build new questions, and even change the speed of the lesson. The app does all of that for you!

Learning new languages Lingvist

While the app is only available in English and French right now, it is still a great one for children who want to learn those languages. The app promises that there will be more soon.

Cost: Free

Where to Get it: iTunes Android


Flashcards have always been a learner’s friend. It isn’t all that modern, it doesn’t use a lot of technology, but it works. Brainscape brings in the technology by allowing you to have quick and easy flashcards that you don’t have to make yourself.

For children, it is a method that doesn’t seem foreign or too difficult.

Brainscape builds up vocabulary by showing and repeating cards in a very particular order. If your child struggles with a specific word, it will be shown more often. If she doesn’t, it will still be shown a few times just to strengthen her knowledge.

Learning new languages Brainscape

Flashcards aren’t always that fun, so this one is another app that you might want to combine with something else on the list.

Cost: Free

Where to Get it: iTunes


Memrise takes advantage of the fact that your child’s memory is developing and uses that to help him learn any of over 100 languages. Children absorb languages like a sponge when they are younger, so now is the time to take advantage of it.

Learning new languages Memrise

Memrise acts like a game so that your child can learn up to 44 new words per hour. Still, your child will be able to work at his or her own pace – you don’t have to feel like you are pushing too much.

Cost: Free; $59/year for pro

Where to Get it: iTunes Android


At the end of the day, starting your child early on the path to success is important. Whether your child already knows the basics or doesn’t even know that there are other languages out there, these apps will encourage him or her to pick up the phone and tablet and get to work.  In today’s modern and competitive world, learning new languages has become more the norm than the exception.

If you want the best for your child, why haven’t you started downloading one of these apps?

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