A few weeks ago I went to a special brunch promoted by Clarendon Moms called Rock Recovery Bloggers Brunch.  It was so pleased to find out how many local bloggers are interested in promoting a healthy body image and concerned with better eating habits.  As a former bulimic both topics are very dear to my heart.

 It was alarming to learn, at the brunch, that 43% of girls of ages 7-9 are already concerned about being fat and wanting to be thinner.   The ideal body type portrayed in the media is only naturally attainable for 5% of women!  #IhadNoIdea

Back in my time, little was known about eating disorders and those suffering from it were mostly teenagers and college kids. It is definitely worrisome that body image is now trascending to lower age groups and as parents we need to stop that.  We need to promote a healthy body image in our children.  Eating disorders have the highest mortality rate of any mental illness and it is important that we do not allow our children to go on unnecessary non-regulated or medically prescribed diets, and fall into that emotional and mental trap.

Promoting a healthy body image combined with healthy eating habits is key to raise emotionally sound and self-confident children when it comes to public pressures of what they are supposed to look like portrayed by the media.

7 Tips forPromoting Healthy Body Image

As such, I would like to share these 7 tips for promoting healthy body image and eating at home to avoid your children, especially, daughters to feel so self-conscious about not being as thin as they think they are supposed to be.

7 Tips for Promoting Healthy Body Image & Eating

  1. Don’t use the term “good” or “bad” when referring to foods; instead focus on the health benefits of the foods.
  2. Discourage dieting and focus on lifestyle changers and building healthy habits.
  3. Be mindful of photos that have been retouched and whenever possible do not use them to make a point.
  4. Use inclusive and non-judgmental language about weight, shape and size.
  5. Be aware of not promoting the ideal “thin” and “muscular” culture.
  6. Promote health as well positivity, and educate your children on body confidence and self-esteem.
  7. Call out unrealistic body image expectations in society.

If you suspect your daughter or son may be suffering of an eating disorder or feeling depressed about his/her body image, don’t hesitate to contact Rock Recovery – Bridge to Life or Prosperity Easting Disorders and Wellness Center.  These are 2 local wellness centers dedicated to the recovery of eating disorders.

– Adriana/TheMomsBuzz

About Rock Recovery

Rock Recovery is a local nonprofit that provides affordable recovery and education programs to helo individuals find freedom from disordered eating and body images issues. Visit www.RockRecoveryEd.org.  @RockRecovery (Twitter & Instagram) and RockRecovery in Facebook.

About Prosperity Eating Disorders and Wellness Center

Prosperity is a local comprehensive, integrative and holistic outpatient treatment center for eating disorders.  They have helped clients regain hope, heal their minds and bodies, transform and maintain empowered lives and rediscover their authentic sleeves since 2012.  Visit www.ProsperityWell.com.  @ProspEDWELL (Twitter), Prosperity1031 (Pinterest) and ProsperityEdWell (Facebook).




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