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In this busy modern world, spending time with the family seems a challenge sometimes.  Between the kids' activities, work for some moms, social life and house chores, it seems the options to spend time with the family are greatly reduced. 

When I grew up, I remember spending a lot of time with my parents and siblings, but the times that I always remember quite well are the times we spent in the car when traveling.  Since the trips were at least an hour long, and there were no "amenities" in the car, we got to share a lot.

Regardless of how the world has changed, I believe a great way to spend time with the family is still in the car.  It just seems the perfect location
because we all seem to be on the same musical page. We all have the same
schedule, share the same destination, share the same expectations, and look forward to the same family
vacation or event about to celebrate.   Spending time in the car with the family is not limited to vacations only.  When taking your children to school or their extra-curricular activities are also other great ways to spend time with the family.

Of course, a nice comfortable car can make a big difference during the commute to school or when traveling.  Any car is good, but I have always had Toyotas. My first car was a Toyota and up until now, married, with kids, I still own a Toyota.  My first one was a Corolla, I changed it for a newer model a few years later.  Then, I got married, and got the newest member of the Toyota family at that time, the RAV4.  Now, I own a 4Runner.  I simply loved Toyotas.  My father was the one you who got me into buying Toyotas.  He would tell me it was a great vehicle, reliable, easy to maintain and gas-wallet-friendly, and that I could not go wrong. I still believe the same, and I am so tempted to get the new Sienna to accommodate my family, grandparents and anybody else who wants to spend a fun and quality time with us! 

Regardless of the car you have, a great way to spend time with the family is definitely in your car at any time! Take advantage of it always!

– The Moms Buzz


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