Cell phones and teens seem to be like two inseparable entities. No matter how much you try as a parent to keep your teens away from cell phones, they are always drawn towards them. Well, it is not their fault, as this attraction towards any new novelty is natural! But yes, they seem to be at fault when they misuse the cell phone or unknowingly fall as a prey in the hands of abusers because of lack of alertness or due to ignorance. Well, even in these situations, they are not at fault because they are misguided by surrounding elements, such as friends, peer pressure, and TV. What exactly is at the fault is the inability to remain alert while using the cell phones.

 As a matter of fact, teens actually tend to forget about alertness due to fascination and engrossment. Now, this is something that you cannot impede or stop. Therefore, the best way to deal with the inability to remain alert is you coming into the picture. Parents themselves can remain alert and keep an eye on their teens’ cell phone activities. So, does this sound interesting? Well then, read ahead!


How to Keep an Eye on Cell Phone Activities       

 Irrespective of your or phone’s location, you can virtually monitor the activities performed by your teens at any point of time. This remote monitoring is possible due to the advanced mobile monitoring apps that work on the mobile spy technology. With the help of this app, you can remotely view the latest calls made, text messages sent, and sites browsed. Do you remember those Parental Controls of Vista? This app exactly works like these controls, which not only allows you to view but also enable you to block suspicious activities.


What Can the Mobile Spy Technology Do?

 Once you install an appropriate mobile monitoring app, the Mobile Spy technology will make that app work like a detective agent, which then works in the invisible mode to:

  • Record incoming and outgoing calls along with the time stamp and duration even if they are deleted from the call history
  • Track received and sent SMS messages, emails, MMSs, and messenger messages even if they are deleted from the phone’s history logs
  • Trace the sites visited.
  • Track photos and images viewed or downloaded along with the phone apps accessed (notes, phone book, memos, calendar, and more)
  • Record the messages exchanged on Facebook and Twitter
  • Detect the GPS location of the phone to know where the phone is (this helps in finding whether your teens are lying to you or not)

 All these details are then secretly uploaded by the app through the Internet to a secured remote server. To view these details in the form of logs, you just have to log on to the app’s online account. Although the above mentioned tasks are commonly offered by many mobile spying apps, a few apps such as FlexiSpy and StealthGenie offer additional features such as call interception in real time and listening to the phone’s environment. Similarly, apps such as Mobile Spy offer the LIVE CONTROL PANEL that helps in viewing the phone’s screen in the live mode remotely so that you can directly block the risky activities.

 So, you can now virtually monitor your teens’ mobile phones without intimating them. After all, you are doing so only for their safety, right?   


Sharon Stouffer for TheMomsBuzz.com

About the guest author:

Sharon Stouffer is an active blogger and a Parent who loves to blog on latest Mobile Technology and has written articles on new and innovative Mobile Applications for various high profile websites. You can check out her updates on http://cellspytool.com wherein she shares information about her new found passion on various mobile monitoring applications and its features.



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