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More and more I text message my friends and other people I need to keep in touch constantly – not sure why – but I do.  It just seems so convenient, to the point, immediate and on a busy days, it is quite a great way to communicate, right off your phone.  In light of the big trend,  I thought I would share with you more acronyms and abbreviations to add to your repertoire of text messaging lingo you may want to learn. It's also like short-hand in the cellular world:

Add More Acronyms & Abbreviations to Your Text Messaging Lingo

  • abt: About
  • asap : As soon as possible
  • aqap: As quick (or quiet) as possible
  • b4: Before
  • b4n: Bye for now
  • b8: Bait
  • bff: Best friend forever
  • brb: Be right back
  • btw: By the way
  • c: See
  • cm: Call me
  • cyl: See you later
  • cus: Because
  • diku: Do I know you?
  • dl or d/l: Download
  • dqmot: Don't quote me on this
  • 2: To or Too
  • 2nite: Tonight
  • 4: For
  • 411: Information
  • 4evr: Forever
  • e1: Everyone
  • ez: Easy
  • fyeo: For your eyes only
  • fyi: For your information
  • goi: Get over it
  • gr8: Great
  • gtg or g2g: Got to go
  • hagn: Have a good night
  • hago: Have a good one
  • hand: Have a nice day
  • hr8: Heart
  • ic: I see
  • idk: I don't know
  • idc: I don't care
  • ily: I love you
  • jic: Just in case
  • jk: Just kidding
  • jlmk: Just let me know
  • jmo: Just my opinion
  • jp: Just playing
  • k or kk: Okay

C it's gr8 & ez 2 learn it!


– The Moms Buzz

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