Advanced Night Repair Eye Product Review

Did you
know that the skin area around your eyes is 4 times thinner than anywhere else
on your face? Although I knew the eye area was more fragile, I never
would have thought of 4 times thinner! That’s quite delicate!!  And, therefore, we need to protect it
with the latest and proven most effective technology out there.

This is
why I agreed to do a product review of Estée Lauder’s newest version of
its Advanced Night Repair Eye.I have tried many eye products from over the counter brands to renowned
brands at department stores, looking for the one that works for me. For some
reason, the eye cream is one skincare product unlike the others
that I find hard to see the benefits it claims.

I have
been using the Advanced Night Repair Eye day and night per the
instructions for over a week now. Although it is still too early too see a
dramatic improvement around my eye area, I can tell you that my eyes are looking fresher, and more
since I have been using it. For
me this is a big plus because there is nothing worse, especially for a busy mom
to look at the mirror, see yourself and say, “I look so tired and I just slept
7 hours!, Please, higher power, rescue me!” These are
the 4 things I love so far about Advanced Night Repair Eye since I
started to use it:

  1. Less is more!
    You do not need to put a lot on your eyes.  One dip of the applicator that it comes with, a couple of
    dots spread throughout, and voilá!
  2. An all-in-one solution. I love the fact that it tackles all
    the problem areas surrounding the eyes in one single formula: fine lines,
    wrinkles, puffiness, dark circles, dryness, uneven skin tone, Wow!
  3. This is what busy moms need, one single product that takes
    care of everything – sweet! I wished we had something like that in the kitchen,
    you know!
  4. Reasonably priced.  Have you check the exorbitant prices of other eye creams of comparable brands, and many of them do not even provide an all-in-one solution?

As I said earlier, this product contained in a tiny package, delivers within a week a noticeable lift around the eyes, when using day and night, daily.  As they say, good things come in a small package!

Since I will continue to use Advanced Night Repair Eye for many more weeks, I will tell you in my next post, Part II of this product review, more about the improvements I see around my eyes in a more concrete way.  Until next time!

– The Moms Buzz
Disclosure: A free review sample of this product was provided by Estée Lauder via Glam Media; compensation was provided in exchange for this placement.

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