Let’s face it! The new digital age has made life’s pace fast, complicated, busy and stressful.  But all these things should not determine the mood of your day when you engage in mindful living.

Mindful living is about taking consciously time to enjoy whatever you are doing, in full state of awareness, without letting your senses and mind be contaminated with external stimuli.

According to experts in the field of mindful living, all it takes is up to 15 minutes of mindfulness in any activity you perform whether it is a necessary function or an optional activity of your choice.

Engaging in mindful breathing, eating and a mindful short yoga pratice will give you the mental and emotional tools to deal with the daily life demands and also make you feel so much better overall.

Try Mindful Breathing for a Low Stress and Mindful Living

As the infographic shows, all you need is 5 minutes of mindfully breathing in and out.  Feel the air you breath in travels throughout your body and comes back out in your exhalation. Do this exercise for 5 minutes in complete state of awareness.

All You Need is 15 Minutes a Day for a Low Stress and Mindful Living
Source: Fix.com

 Try Mindful Eating to Achieve a Low Stress and Mindful Living

We all tend to rush through out meals especially at lunch time either because we need to go back to work right away, it just got too late to eat peacefully or whatever the circumstances may be, eating during the day has become quite a haste.  But if you take eat your meal slowly and enjoy every bit of it, you will find out that eating mindfully can reduce stress and can also have some physiological benefits.

All You Need is 15 Minutes a Day for a Low Stress and Mindful Living
Source: Fix.com

Try Mindful Yoga to Attain Mindful Living

I practice yoga almost everyday for an hour and half.  Although yoga does provide some fitness benefits (toning, flexibility, etc.), the most important focus for me is the healing and meditative aspect of it.

With 15 minutes of yoga practice in solitude and bringing your full awareness to your physical and emotional sensations, you will obtain great benefits from it such as a clearer mind, peaceful emotions, better concentration and greater coordination amongst many other known benefits.

All You Need is 15 Minutes a Day for a Low Stress and Mindful Living
Source: Fix.com

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