You may think it is too early to start thinking about “back school” especially since we are still enjoying what is left of this hot summer.  But, you may want to know that in many parts of the country, like Arizona, schools starts next week!! I thought it would be a great idea to start helping our busy moms with ideas about preparing the lunch box efficiently to make our mornings go more smoothly.

Although the lunch box food does not replace any of the important meals during the day, it helps maintain the glucose leveled and supplements the body with energy during hours of constant physical and mental activities. When preparing your children’s lunch box, remember the following tips:

1. The lunch box food should be nutritious, varied and tasty.

2. Make the food a game to the senses: choose food that are different in colors, texture, shapes and contrasting so that are more stimulating and appetizing.

3. Easy food: kids love food that can open, peel o easily eat. This gives them, believe it or not, independence and self-confidence.

4. Be creative: cut the sandwiches in different shapes, round, square, triangular, etc.

5. Think “small”: portions should be according to your children’s age, and their capacity of eating. Don;t overfeed them.

Back to School: Lunch Box Ideas

6. Do not experiment: it is better to experiment at home first before sending them a new food in their lunch box.

7. Let your kids participate: ask their opinion, let them choose within the available options they have. Also, allow them to pack their own lunch! – You will love this help!

8. Pamper them: every now and then, send them their favorite snack or send them a loving note, a family picture (or their pet’s), a sticker, or any other item you know they will absolutely love. This will make them feel special and will eat with delight.

9. Prepare the night before: whatever you can prepare the night before, given you still have some energy left at the end of the day, it will give you some time to spare in the morning for any unanticipated issues. It will make your morning less hectic too.  I tend to prepare most of my lunch the morning of, but sometimes leave the snacks already in the lunch boxes the night before.

Preparing food with love, always tastes better!

– The Moms’ Buzz

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