Besides traditional parenting roles, another main role parents have is to look out for the future of their children, we owe it to them. That, of course, may involve securing their financial future during their colleges years somehow in this difficult times of financial crisis all around the world. But, a penny at time is a penny saved so a difference will definitely be made in the long run.

Since my three children have been born, my husband and I have made the effort to open certain financial accounts on their behalves.  We opened a college fund in a financial institution, custodial accounts, and finally, a savings accounts in our local bank that they could manage on their as they get older.

Although today we have access to information and be easily educated via the Internet, visiting our local bank was key to make the right decisions when choosing what to do for our children.  I know that for busy parents doing the in-person banking has become a hassle because of the fast-paced life we all lead now and we all rather do the online banking thing, but honestly, it does make a huge difference swinging by your local bank and have a face-to-face discussion with your bank representatives.  For starters, I consider that banks still conserve the traditional customer service and appreciation at its best, something other industries have overlooked over the years.  At my local bank, I am always greeted nicely, attended with respect and care, and I get their full attention.  This is what we all deserve as patrons of a bank or any other service.  As I said, banks still conserve this deference with their patrons and you should take advantage of it at all times while it lasts.

When opening the accounts for our children, we knew right off the bat that it was going to be a long process for each of our 3 children. We were pleased to receive excellent service at the bank and when we left, we felt we had accomplished a big deal.  The experience at your local bank has a lot to do with that feeling of accomplishment.  We were comfortable all the time, were offered water, and politeness and respect were key factors.  We felt we were being taken care of in the proper way.  For all these reasons, I still feel that going to your local bank in person is still important because you are, in fact, important to them, and they show it at all times. Even when I decide to make deposits in person as opposed to go the drive-thru, I see the difference.  In today’s world where everything is now electronics and cyberspatial, having that human contact and a morning smile can make your day.

In summary, what I am saying is that if you are planning for the future, whether it is for your retirement, your children’s college or an investment, yes, get educated with info from the Internet, but make sure you have a face-to-face meeting with your financial institution or your bank of preference.  You will receive excellent service because, think about it: they are being bestowed upon a huge responsability: your money.

– happy banking!


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