The spring weather is so ideal for regular bike rides, but we must keep in mind these bike safety tips when you go on ride with the kids to avoid as much as possible an accident that will ruin our outing.

When a child receives his/her first bicycle, a lifelong pattern of vehicle operation has begun. We need to be aware that a bicycle is not a toy, but a speedy means of transportation, which, by the way, is subject to the same laws as motor vehicles.  This is way, it is important to teach bike safety rules to you children and have them properly trained.

Great Bike Safety Tips for Your Family to Avoid Accidents

Here are some great bike safety tips on training your children on how to operate a bicycle as recommended by the American Academy Pediatrics:

  1. Until the child has been observed to ride confidently and to follow basic rules of the road, riding must be restricted to sidewalks, paths and driveways.
  2. A child demonstrates basic competence when he/she is able to:
    • stop the bike quickly by using the brakes.
    • start riding without wobbling out of a path one yard wide.
    • stop and dismount without falling.
    • ride in a straight line near the curb.
  3. The most important rules of the road are:
    • stop at intersections where the walk, driveway, or alley intersect a street. According to American Academy Pediatrics, 75% of child bike-accident deaths occur where driveways, alleys and streets intersect.)
    • ride to the right of the road, with traffic.
    • do not ride at or after dusk.
    • obey all traffic signals and stop signs. Wait for green light.
  4. Children who ride unsafely should be disciplined so as to establish the significant and real concern of parents. And, by the way, prohibiting the use of a bike is an appropriate disciplinary step.
  5. The following factors are frequently associated with preventable injuries:
    • inadequate rider visibility
    • riding a borrowed bike
    • riding double
    • not using a protective helmet or the wrong size of helmet.

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– Adriana/The Moms Buzz


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