How I Got My Kids to Drink Water 95% of the Time

How I got my kids to drink water most of the time is easier than what you may think. It is not a process, but a choice. As everything in life, you have a choice and you need to make decisions. Getting your kids to drink water is one of them. Embrace it!
What is Pregorexia

What is Pregorexia and its Symptoms?

In simple terms, pregorexia is the dangerous fear of gaining weight during pregnancy.  However, this new eating disorder can lead to mental retardation, cerebral palsy baby and even stillbirth. Although, many o...
Preguntas y respuestas sobre el cáncer al seno.RRE.PARA.MOMS.COVER

Preguntas y respuestas sobre el cáncer de mamas

Son tantas las incógnitas y tanta la comunicación confusa sobre el cáncer de mamas, ¿cuánto sabemos al respecto? A través de una búsqueda exhaustiva en revistas, web y libros, hemos elaborado un dossier con alg...
A woman's quick guide to prostate cancer

A Woman’s Short Guide to Prostate Cancer

This may not sound like an exciting post, but ladies you also need to check your prostate!  If you are married to a man or care about other males in your life, you will want to read this woman's guide to prosta...
Bronceado Perfecto

El Bronceado Perfecto Según Tu Piel

Este verano luce un bronceado perfecto según tu piel y sin importar el tipo de actividad que elijas. Ya sea en la playa, piscina, excursiones en la ciudad, o montañas, lo importante es escoger uno o varios bron...