Safety Tips When Buying Frozen Foods-mbz

Safety Tips When Buying Frozen Foods

When you are at the supermarket, don't think that everything you see if perfectly safe.  Here are some safety tips when buying Frozen Foods: Choose hard, cold packages.  Even at the supermarket, freezers ma...
what to consider before buying homeowners insurance

Great saving tips with household insurance

Searching for a new home insurance policy can be a time consuming and confusing proposition, due to the number of policies available and the technical jargon that is employed in a bid to make you part with ...
Sun Safety Tips

Sun Safety Tips

Hello busy moms!  Here are four tips to help parents assess products and formulate the best sun protection strategy for their family. Read the  four sun safety tips below. Learn the lingo and shop for...
Happy Halloween-MBZ

Halloween Home Safety Tips

With Halloween upon us, I wanted to revisit the safety tips I sent you about safe decorating for the spooky season! On Halloween, the risk of home fires, burn-related injuries and falls increases significant...
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How to Prevent House Fires

The other day at a party, my husband and I met a couple who was living in a apartment-hotel because their house caught fire in the middle of the night.  Hadn't it been that she woke up to breastfeed ...
Holidays Safety Tips MBZ

Holiday Safety Tips

 It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the holidays. You’ve got parties, decorations and shopping on your mind—but that’s all the more reason to be aware and keep alert of any potential dange...
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Tips on How to Create Secure and Smart Passwords

These days we subscribe to so many newsletters, buy online in so many virtual shops and do direct banking and manage other personal financials online that creating secure and smart passwords is so important.&#...
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Safety Tips: Home’s Best Fire Escape Route

Do You Know Your Home’s Best Fire Escape Route? I would say the majority of you like me may not know your home's best fire escape route.  This is short and sweet post contributed by