How I got My Kids to Drink Water-AEPHOT

How I Got My Kids to Drink Water 95% of the Time

How I got my kids to drink water most of the time is easier than what you may think. It is not a process, but a choice. As everything in life, you have a choice and you need to make decisions. Getting your kids to drink water is one of them. Embrace it!
13 reason why you need to walk every day

13 Reasons Why You Need to Walk Every Day

It may sound a bit of a cliché but believe or not, human beings are meant to be moving and by that, we mainly mean walking. Walking is a skill we acquire at a very early age so that we can transport ourselves b...
healthy body image

7 Tips for Promoting Healthy Body Image & Eating

A few weeks ago I went to a special brunch promoted by Clarendon Moms called Rock Recovery Bloggers Brunch.  It was so pleased to find out how many local bloggers are interested in promoting a healthy body imag...
What to Give Up or Offer for Lent

Ideas: What to Give Up or Offer for Lent

Have you decided what to give up or offer for Lent?  If you haven't made up your mind, it is never too late to start your Lent promise for this year.  If you are not willing to give up something, you may want t...
Alimentos que acelera tu metabolismo.cover

Alimentos que acelera tu metabolismo

Parece una fábula pero es verdad, existen alimentos que acelera tu metabolismo, la cosa interesante, es que dichos alimentos son capaces incluso de quemar la grasa depositada en exceso en tu organismo. «Es u...
10 Consejos para no contraer la gripe.rre.para.moms.1

10 Consejos para no contraer la gripe

Al llegar el otoño llega también la gripe. Por desgracia en la actualidad los cambios bruscos de temperatura son más agresivos, prácticamente no existen las medias estaciones, las temperaturas extremas durante ...
Los protectores solares en pieles maduras.rre.para.momz

Los protectores solares en pieles maduras

Con el paso de los años la piel se debilita y la epidermis es mucho más delicada y vulnerable, por este motivo, es importante el uso de protectores solares, aumentar el SPF y según los expertos, es necesario re...