Learn What S.A.D. is and How to Effectively Protect Yourself

SAD disorder is a seasonal depression that many people experience during specific months of the year. It is usually associated with the winter; though some individuals have experienced the same symptoms during the spring and summer months. In any season, S.A.D. is not a condition to be taken lightly.

Like any depression, the disorder is a debilitating condition that causes many problems in the lives of those that endure it. The symptoms that are noticed with this particular type of depression are gradual and sometimes they are forgotten in warmer seasons. Unfortunately, studies show that the condition can become more serious if not properly treated and addressed.

The History of S.A.D. 

In the year 1984, Dr. Norman Rosenthal performed a therapy on depression patients. The participants in the experimental treatment experienced similar depression related symptoms during specific time periods.

Dr. Rosenthal believed that the depression was caused by the changing of the amount of sunlight that patients received. The therapy he performed used ultraviolet rays on patients for short intervals. Over time, a surprising number of patients began to show significant improvement.

There are several causes that are believed to be directly responsible for the symptoms of this condition; and attributed to many other serious illnesses. Below, are some of the most noticed causes and the treatment options that are helpful to ensure overall health.


Cause: Vitamin D Levels

Based on the theory and the effectiveness of the treatment discovered by Rosenthal, sunlight was originally determined to be the only cause of the symptoms. Doctors and undergrads at Harvard concluded, through extensive research, that sunlight did play a significant part in creating changes in people’s health.


Treatment: Vitamin D Reception

The findings and beliefs of the Harvard scientists and doctors make it clear that receiving sunlight is a necessary element for a person’s well-being. Vitamin D is provided by the Sun through ultraviolet radiation. The same light that can burn you on the beach or blind you while you are driving; can also take away your winter blues, when received correctly. 

For individuals who are unable to get the necessary amount of sunlight, due to geography or other deterrents, the light therapy utilized by Dr. Rosenthal is an optimal substitute for natural sunlight.

To relieve or eliminate the symptoms of S.A.D., doctors recommend that either 15 minutes of sunlight or light therapy be received regularly.


Cause: Declined Nutrition and Exercise

During the cold days of fall and winter there are less people riding bikes, walking, running or any other outdoor activity for that matter. Combined with the reduced sunlight, a weakened immune system and a general disdain for low temperatures; exercise habits may get slackened. A negatively changed physical state usually is a precursor to an equally affected emotional state.

On top of a limited exercise, many people have a tendency to eat less healthy foods in winter. It is common for individuals to add a few pounds in the wintertime. The reasons vary (often depending on traditional, cultural or personal practices), but nonetheless the concern for good nutrition may have a tendency to lessen. Eating unhealthy foods induces the same types of ill effects that a reduced exercise routine can have.


Treatment: Self-Awareness and Action

Aside from a rewarding and delicious holiday meal (or maybe just a treat here and there), being aware of the foods that you are eating can be valuable when dealing with the winter blues. Studies have shown continually the value of good nutrition.

Exercise is no different. It may be cold outside, but making changes to incorporate some type of indoor workout can be highly beneficial to your health.


Cause: Poor Air Quality

The air quality of your living or working area can greatly affect the way you feel. Many people have said, “I need to get some fresh air.” The statement is true in more ways than one; and for all people. Luckily, you don’t have to step outside to get fresh air in this day and age.


Treatment: Air Purifiers

Whether it is for your entire home, your office or just a specific room, air purifiers can rid harmful contaminants from the air. The irritants that are present in the air you breathe are invisible attackers of your well-being.

If you currently own a purifier or if you are considering buying one, knowing what units or filters that you should buy can be the difference between positive and negative results. There are room HEPA air purifiers available to rid contaminants in the air. Actual owners of a variety of purifiers and experts in air purification have left comments and reviews on useful comparison sites. Finding out the top rated air filters and purifiers is fast and simple.


Stay Happy All Year Long

The winter doesn’t have to be blue. Taking precautions for a healthy and happy season is not difficult and you can ensure that your well-being is secured.



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