They say that you can't have everything in life, and you must make a choice between A and B.  But, there is also another school of thought that says, "why must you make a choice, why can't you have them both?  If you want two things, and feel you need to make choice between the two, you are settling.  But, if you have that gut feeling that you can have both, you will not settle.

For many people, and it is mainly because we have been trained to think that way, having both A and B is not an option – we have to choose.  However, it is an option, and of course, it may depend on various considerations and variables.  But, in general, where there is a will there is way. Let me demonstrate this with a personal example.

My husband and I own a house, actually own 2 houses. Actually, we own 3 properties because we never settled and succumbed to the thought that we had give up A for B, and B for C.  Obviously, the decision of owning three properties was not made in one day. It was over the years.  However, our goal was made on one day, and it was clear what we wanted:  have one property per child for their future. 

My husband used to own a condo in Colorado, before we got married.  We were going to live in DC so many of our friends and family members thought we were going to sell the condo to buy a house.  We didn't.  We wanted to keep the condo and find a house we could afford in DC.  Of course, it was not going to be a big house since to keep two mortgages was going to be a big financial responsibility.  At that time, I was working in Corporate America. We were doing well with two salaries.  Then the 9/11 situtation came, and my husband lost his contract. I was pregnant, we had pretty good savings.  We managed to keep afloat with both mortgages and one income for a couple of months.  Then, he was able to get back on his feet before I went on maternity leave. I never came back to Corporate America. 

That meant for us that we could not afford having two mortgages anymore, and the decision came about the future of one second property.  Should we sell?  Most people would have sold thinking they could not have both anymore.  Since our goal was to keep the condo for the future of our children, we decided to rent the property that was so dear to our heart.  We removed all of our personal belongings, and put it for rent until now. 

We consulted with some financial mortgage advisors about the goal we had for our children.  Of course, he looked at us kinda of weird reminding us that, "with one income it is tough to have one more property, [but] there is one remote possibility," he said.  We had to watch for a foreclosure of a land in an economical area.  A land was his advice because it has no maintenace costs, no renting, no tenants, and headaches associated with landlordship.  Year passed, and of course, we didn't find anything that met those requirements.  We thought that we needed to make more money, so I may had to go back to Corporate America, etc, etc. 

Until finally, a few years ago, when the real estate market started to cripple, we decided to hire an agent to look for a great deal.  One day, he called saying we needed to act quick because there was this land on foreclosure dirt cheap in a beautiful area in Colorado.  We got our act together and bought it. 

Now, our main house is still the same small townhouse we bought when we got married and we have 3 kids.  Everyone says we need more space.  We certainly do, and we will eventually move to a bigger place when we can afford it without settling.

Did we settle by not having a larger house?  I do not think so at all. Sometimes, you can have A, B and C, but does not necessarily mean it has to be all 3 at the same time.  This applies to everything in life, services, products, and even trying to get the most of your tax returns.  You do not need to settle when choosing good services, especially, now that tax season is fast approaching, make the right choices without settling. 

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