To celebrate Earth Day, The Moms Buzz is giving away a Starbucks Coffee Gift Card worth $50!  It's easy to participate and win! 

Here's now to participate and win your free coffee:

1. Follow TheMomsBuzz on Twitter or become a fan of Tips for Busy Moms on Facebook

  • If you decide to folllow TheMomsBuzz on Twitter, please send a tweet this message: " love @themomsbuzz. Follow her & RT for a
    chance to win $50 Starbucks Gift Card!"
  • If you decide to become a fan of Tips for Busy Moms on Facebook, all you need to do is to suggest to your friends to become a fan for a chance to win $50 Starbucks Gift Card!

2. Leave a comment below that you are now following TheMomsBuzz on Twitter or have become a fan of Tips for Busy Moms on Facebook.

3. Tell us what would you do with this $50 Starbucks Coffee gift card: will you drink it until depletion, give it away, share it?

3.  One follower/fan will be chosen at random to win the $50 Starbucks Gift Card.

You must be a Twitter follower or fan in Facebook to win!  If you are already a twitter and fan, you only need to do #3 but you must indicate you are a follower orfan! 

This earthy-coffeelicious giveaway will run until 10pm EST on April 30th, 2010!

– The Moms Buzz

About The Author

My real job in life is raising my 3 kids and having a nice, healthy and active family life. Along the way, I realized that motherhood didn’t come with a manual and frequently asked questions so I had to learn my way through with the help and advice of other mothers and that is how I decided to start a blog about tips for busy moms, The Moms Buzz, a lifestyle blog about only the buzz that matters. Modern moms are busy busy, and whatever tips make our lives easier we are ready to try them, we don’t have the time to read and read lengthy advices, but we can certainly read 1-2-3-SOLVED. Adriana is also the founder of and an established fashion/portrait photographer.

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12 Responses

  1. DG

    I would use a lot of it on my mocha frap habit but I would split the card in half with my grandma!

  2. Lethea Benson

    My son loves Starbucks & enjoys a cup daily so I would see if I could meet him for a cup and pass along the card to him as a surprise!

  3. Sandra Domnitz

    I am now following TheMomsBuzz on Twitter. The $50 Starbucks card will contribute toward my morning caffeine habit.

  4. Angie

    I guess If I won I’d have to be generous and share it with the hubby : ( or sneak and use it while he’s at work and NEVER tell him I won it : ) Anyhow one way or the other I’ll drink it to depletion : ) sperrysad at yahoo dot com

  5. Camille

    I just started following on twitter. My username is unique_mom. I would share it with my mom. She works full time yet she still finds time to help me care for my two young children. She could use a treat like this.


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