Eco-Friendly Art Projects To Do With Your Kids

It’s summertime, and this seems like the perfect time to do fun crafts with your kids. Often, most crafts to be found require a long list of expensive supplies, which will certainly kill nearly anyone’s creativity

Fortunately, there are plenty of eco-friendly art projects that only require things that can already be found around your home! Keep these crafts in mind, and start saving your recyclables!


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1) Cardboard tube snake

This project is so easy, and your kids will have a blast pulling this snake from room to room with them during playtime. All you need is a paper-towel tube, some paint, googly eyes and red yarn.

Cut the paper-towel tube into six smaller tubes, and run a piece of yarn through them to hold them all together. Have your child paint and decorate the exterior of them however they want. Add eyes to the first tube for the head, and make a tongue with your leftover yarn. Ta-da! A slithery snake has been made.

2) Painted rock art

Perhaps the craft that requires the least supplies on this list, this is also the perfect one to do outside at the park on a nice day. Help your child gather some flat rocks, and then allow them to paint the rocks with any design they choose.

These rocks can be used for decoration in their room, in the garden or even as paperweights on your desk! They add a nice touch of color and can remind you of your child all day long.

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3) Bubble gum machine

This project looks so fun, even an adult would enjoy making one! It is made using an old planter, wooden ball, wooden doll pin stand, hot glue and a glue gun, spray paint and a glass container. Your child can help you paint the planter, and then simply attach the container to the planter, resembling a bubble gum machine.

To make this project even safer for children, consider using an acrylic container instead of glass for the center of the machine. Your child will love this adorable craft!

4) Crab hat

This is one of the cutest crafts, and your child will be able to wear after it is all complete! You need clothespins, a paper bowl, large wooden beads, cardstock and paint.

After you have painted and assembled your craft, add some elastic cords to each side of the crab’s body. These can be tied together so that the crab will stay put on your child’s head.

5) Tin can organizers

If your child has a desk, or loves to keep their room organized, then this is the perfect art project for them! All you need is some tin cans, decorative paper, fabric scraps or ribbon.

Let your child decide what they want to use to decorate the outside of their tin can. These can be used to store pens and pencils, or just look cute on a desk or table.

With minimal supplies, and all things that can easily be found around your home, these art projects will become some of your children’s favorites to make. Enjoy these eco-friendly crafts!


– The Moms Buzz by guest blogger Marcela de Vivo

Marcela De Vivo is a freelance writer in Southern California whose writing covers everything on DIY, health, marketing and tech. She loves making these eco-friendly crafts with her three children. Follow her on PrayforNathan.orgFacebook and Twitter for more ideas!

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