Printing out homework is one of the most automatic tasks there is, so you may think, "how can I make this easier?" However, these tips aren't designed just to make printing homework easy while saving ink and paper just in handy for back to school time. They are designed to help you save paper, ink and time while printing out your homework. As the cost of paper and ink are rising along with everything else, it is no longer just helpful for the environment to use less paper and ink. It is of benefit to your wallet as well. Read on for some important tips to help save money and the environment when printing out your homework.

1. Switch To Laser

Consider getting a laser printer instead of an inkjet printer if you only print text documents. Toner cartridges last far longer than ink cartridges, and the cost per page is much less. If you go the laser printer route, consider getting high-yield toner cartridges if you plan on printing a lot of documents; for instance, if you regularly write many drafts of 10-page or longer papers for class, you should consider high-yield toner.

2. Buy From Office Suppliers

Buy your toner or ink cartridges in bulk from office suppliers. You might be able to cut down the cost per cartridge by up to 50%. Just make sure you have enough space to keep all these cartridges! This is also useful if you have the same type of printer as a group of friends – you can all go in on one bulk purchase and save money.

3. Change The Settings

When printing out homework that isn't quite as important and doesn't contain any graphics, use the Draft setting. It uses much less ink, yet the words are only marginally lighter on the page. Of course, if you are handing in an important piece of work such as a term paper or the text and graphics for a presentation, you should be sure to use at least the Normal setting.

4. Edit On The Computer

Learn to edit on the computer screen. When people think that they need to print out an entire draft of their twenty-page paper to go through it line-by-line, it can be a huge waste of paper, ink and space. Train yourself to edit without having to use a physical writing implement, and you will save a tremendous amount of money. If you must take notes, do so in a recycled-paper notebook in front of your computer screen and make the changes to the computer text from there.

5. Try Double-Sided Printing

Become familiar with your printer's double-sided printing functionality. Where drafts, minor homeworks and notes are concerned, double-sided printing is a life-saver. These small-scale homework assignments will likely comprise the majority of your printouts for school. You won't be graded on their appearance, so why not cut as many corners as possible with them? Many printers can print on two sides at once, which will cut your time costs as well as your paper costs in half.

6. Set up A WiFi Network

Consider buying a WiFi network-ready printer. Some of the newest models of printer are "Place-and-Play," meaning that all you have to do is plug it into the wall and place it where you want it, and your wireless network will sense that it is trying to connect and add it to the network automatically. From there, all you have to do is click and print out your homework. This truly makes the printing process easier for you, even if it isn't particularly environmentally friendly.

7. Don't Fill Up The Tray

Don't try to overstuff your printer's paper tray. Even if you need to print out a 100-page document and the paper tray only fits 75 sheets, it is better to fill it twice than to risk jamming a piece of paper. Paper jams constitute some of the most frustrating wastes of paper and time, as they usually take fifteen minutes to half an hour to fix and may crumple up to ten pieces of paper in the machine's inner workings.

8. Get The Best Model For You

Choose the right printer. If you want your homework to be easy on your time, wallet and energy, do your due diligence beforehand and get a printer with cheap toner or ink cartridges, good double-sided printing technology and multi-function capability to make scanning easier. Good luck and happy printer shopping!

Guest blogger: Tom writes and is a reviewer on CartridgeSave, offering the Dell ink cartridges.

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