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Last Friday, my daughter and I had a viewing party to watch Elena of Avalor’s TV series premiere on the Disney Channel.  Elena of Avalor is Disney’s first Latina princess, Elena Castillo Flores, who shows us courage, compassion and strong family values as she gets ready to rule, defend and look out for her own people as crowned princess in Avalor.  As any Disney production, Elena of Avalor is full of magic combined with real values and deep messages for the whole family.

Elena of Avalor - Disney's First Latina Princess

As a Latin family, we have very strong family values which over time develop into leadership traits that we can always resort to given the circumstances. As seen in the first episode of Elena of Avalor, having good family relationships, respecting and listening to other people’s knowledge and seniority were fundamental in getting her ready to rule.

In the absence of her parents, Abuelita Luisa was for Elena her source of strength, wisdom and compass, which helped her lead with honesty, fairness and kindness.

In my own home, my mother has been my source of strength and the person who let me know about the hero inside me, and taught me about grace and relentless courage to face even the most hopeless situations.  Just leading by example, my mother still communicates strong values about family, love for our extended family, compassion and honesty.  Hard work at any age has been one of her most exemplary ways to show us that anything can be accomplished when your heart and mind are in synch and set on a purpose.  One of her most amazing traits that makes her a true leader in our large family is her generosity in every sense of the word, with her actions, words and thoughts. Although, she was firm and direct when I was growing up, she was extremely affectionate and loving.  All these traits have made my mom a very brave protector of our family and of all the people that she loves.

Elena of Avalor - Disney's First Latina Princess

Similarly, with such a strong foundation from her grandparents, family and friends, Elena becomes a strong, compassionate and graceful protector of her people.  She is an excellent role model for little girls and a worthy princess of Disney!

The Viewing Party of the Premiere Elena of Avalor

To make our viewing party of the premiere of Elena of Avalor, Disney’s first Latina princess, a very special one, we received a royal party kit from Disney .  Indeed, it was special. I was able to decorate our table with the theme color of Elena’s dress, using gold as the accent color to make things pop.  I also used the napkins, and as centerpiece, the certificate signed by Elena of Avalor, that we received in the party kit.  I also f0und wooden words of the values that we treasure the most at home (faith, family, friends, love, live, hope & dream), colored them in gold and use them as decorations for the main table.  The table decorations turned out fabulous .

Elena of Avalor - Disney's First Latina Princess

I made my children’s favorite banana cupcakes decorated with gold and white, topped with a glittery crown to make them look very royal.   I also made yellow jello in mini red cups, and served the guest popcorn to enjoy while watching the premiere. For the adults the menu was a little different as you can image. I had a cheese platter and my signature salsa and chips.  These are all great ideas for an Elena of Avalor birthday party.

Elena of Avalor - Disney's First Latina Princess

With the rest of the contents of the party kit, we put together goodie bags for the guests, which they enjoyed during commercials, before and after watching the premiere!  All the girls were hypnotized as soon as the episode started.  I am sure that if you have little kids, they will be too.  So, don’t miss the next episode and tune in every Friday at 7:30 pm Et/6:30 CT and 7:30 pm PT on the Disney Channel.  Plus, to follow the steps of Princess Elena, don’t forget to follow her steps on her Facebook page:

Last but not least, I invite you to watch our unboxing video of the Royal Party Kit that Disney sent us for the viewing party of Elena’s, Disney’s first Latina Princess, premiere show last Friday, July 22.

Watch the Unboxing of the Royal Party Kit Video

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