Last night I attended the Estée Lauder's event America's Night to Repair. I hope many of you made it to the event because it was really a treat to be there. This event is like no other.

I have been to other beauty/skin care line events, but this one was different. It was like when you visit somebody's house and you are treated with deference and undivided attention. Every single customer, who stopped by and staying at America's Night to Repair, received a "very important customer" treatment.

I was greeted by regional marketing director, Terry Gutierrez, who gave me and my fellow blogger, a concise overview of Estée Lauder's history. She went on to explain how Estée Lauder became precursor in the skin care industry and also the first in the market to come up with innovating marketing ideas such as self-purchasing, customer sampling and luxury skin care products. Estée Lauder has also been precursor in other skin care technologies based on the clock repair concept: an age-defying power called Chronolux ™ Techonology, which helps dramatically reduce visible signs of aging, and AGT technology, which helps protect and continuously repair the appearance of past damage.

After that interesting and revealing introduction about Estée Lauder, my fellow blogger and I went to get a “very important customer” treatment that Estée Lauder offers to all its customers any time of the year.

The Estée Lauder beauty consultants and makeup artists were incredibly nice, amicably and accommodating. There was a strip of individual beauty stands with makeup artists working on customers and showing them beauty tips and highlighting the benefits of the Advance Night to Repair Synchronized Complex Recovery line. My makeup artist was very knowledgeable not only about makeup tips and tricks, but also about skin care. There were two beauty tips I really loved and which I think will make a big difference in my makeup look to refresh my eyes and skin altogether.

The first one was called the Fatigue Fighter for the Eyes. This one involves blending a concealer of your preference with the Advance Night to Repair Synchronized Complex Recovery Eyes. The effect of mixing these two will revitalize your fatigued eyes or dark circles, and of course, it will make your makeup look fresh too.

The other one is similar but involves the Advance Night to Repair Synchronized Complex Recovery with your foundation of choice. It will also give you a lift to your face and make your makeup overall divine.

More customer appreciation was shown to us by offering some water. The weather was so humid and hot that everyone needed some water even indoors, besides all the chitt-chatting we did with the Estée Lauder beauty consultants and makeup artists.

In general, I thought this event is worthwhile to attend if you can. You will learn a lot, you will receive an “very important customer” treatment, leave with a goodie bag and the best of all you have taken time to pamper yourself! Busy moms need this type of treatment and “away-from-home” time.

– The Moms Buzz

Disclosure: A free review sample of this product was provided by Estée Lauder via Glam Media; compensation was provided in exchange for this placement.

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