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A few weeks ago I offered to do a review of a guide for parents about Facebook called Facebook Guide for Parents by Supreme Social Media. As a busy mom and blogger, I tend to avoid reviews (it's time consuming) unless I find the product or topic provides a true benefit for busy parents.  Facebook Guide for Parents is one of these topics that I considered would be worthwhile to cover in today's modern world of modern parents with children born into an era where everything can be handled online, even socialization and networking. 

As you know, evenings after children have gone to bed is when our productive intellectual time starts, and in this limited time I watched the videos of the guide and the document of Facebook Guide for Parents

Boy, what an eye opener this guide is for parents!  This is a MUST-HAVE guide for parents whose children socialize in Facebook, and for those who are not yet, because they will. Facebook is magnetic, evolving and driven by the dynamics of people who you know, friends, family, co-workers, yes, [pressure] will make you join.  Thus, your children will eventually make it into Facebook.

The Facebook Guide for Parents will tell you how it is in Facebook.  Modern teens socialize in a way we did not at their age.  They are fortunate to have a new dimension of socialization which is the online social hour, the online social lifestyle and the online playground.  A great part of this socialization happens in Facebook!!

Just as Facebook is a powerful online socialization and networking tool, it also presents some unnecessary exposure of children not emotionally matured enough or with lack of matured judgment, and that's why parents need to be part of it and "watching."  The Facebook Guide for Parents, will tell you, yes, you as a parent need to be part of it. It's no different than
being part of their social life offline or personal/physical
socialization. You want to know what's going on in your child's social life regardless of the venue. 

If my children were old enough to be part of the Facebook community (13
and older), I would be reading this guide without blinking a second. It contains everything and anything a parent should know about Facebook.

The Facebook Guide for Parents consists of document and a set of videos which
function like tutorials that will help any parents set up their accounts
and those of their children in the proper way as to not expose relevant
information that may play against your child's persona, reputation or integrity.     

The Facebook Guide for Parents provides a thorough step-by-step know-how on:

  • subscribing and getting your way around it
  • setting your profile, contact and privacy settings (very important)
  • being wise parents regarding befriending your child as well as knowing the do's and dont's of interacting with your child on
  • being vigilant without being intrusive
  • befriending your child's friends
  • knowing how to avoid
  • finding out how strangers see your childs page
  • learning how joining groups and fanning pages can affect your childs
    privacy, and much more.

Many people who are not in Facebook feel it is not private enough and many who are don't know what their privacy options are. In the Facebook Guide for Parents you will learn how to make your profile and that of your child's as private as you would like it to be in terms of personal information, photo albums, and wall visibility.  The Facebook Guide for Parents shows you how to make Facebook a safe place for your child and yourself to socialize. 

I know there are many articles online about Facebook, how to use it, etc. but personally, I recommend the Facebook Guide for Parents for the following reasons:

About the authors:

  1. the authors are social media experts who founded Supreme Social Media and Facebook is one of their specialties.
  2. the authors are parents themselves, most of them with children in Facebook, who recognize the importance of a good relationship with your child, and who know the risk and dangers of having children socializing online, and in many cases due to lack of knowledge and judgment,  exposing themselves a bit too much with strangers.
  3. I have interacted with the authors before on this same topic but from a business perspective that I am confident after reviewing their guide that Facebook Guide for Parents is the ultimate reliable source of information for parents about Facebook.

About the videos:

  1. the videos talk to you. You will feel that Supreme Social Media is there with you in your house or office showing you step-by-step how to get everything done in Facebook. 
  2. the duration of each video is right for busy parents.
  3. the fact the entire guide is broken into different videos provides lots of flexibility, rapid accessibility to the topic of interest, and good organization for future reference. Busy parents need this.

About the documented guide:

  1. I loved the introduction.  It puts reality into perspective about Facebook and tells you why you as a parent need to be part of the Facebook Community.
  2. the document is well written, concise, easy to read and follow.
  3. the visuals are great. They show very clearly where you need to click, go, etc. I personally love to see pictures of I need to do when I am reading instructions. 
  4. lots of anecdotal stories that you will relate with or raise a flag for you.

For all these reasons, I highly recommend getting this guide, you will be glad you got i!

– The Moms Buzz

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