Moms Buzz is bringing a new weekly series of housekeeping tips on how to fold the hardest things at home. These are usually items that we struggle getting them in a nice, neat and perfectly folded shape. Examples are:

  • a fitted sheet
  • a long dress shirt
  • a napkin
  • the newspaper
  • a business letter
  • round tablecloth
  • a sweater

Today, we will start with how to fold a round tablecloth.  Below are 4 easy steps that will make your housekeeping easier.

How to Fold a Round Tablecloth

Step 1: Lay the tablecloth flat, then fold in half into a half-moon.


Step 2: Bring the rounded edge toward the straight fold, so the round end meets the middle of the cloth’s flat edge.


Step 3: Fold in half lengthwise.


Step 4: Fold in thirds, or to your desired size.


– Easy does it!

– The Moms Buzz

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