Whether you need to choose a combined fridge and freezer because of limited kitchen floor space or you’re looking to invest in a feature-packed model that’s larger than you, choosing the right equipment is important. After all, fridge freezers need to be reliable, cost-effective, and last for a reasonable length of time as well as suiting their owners’ needs.


Your first concern should be the most basic: size. It’s no good buying the most efficient appliance in the world if it won’t fit in the space you have available. Measure the space you want to put it in carefully, remembering to leave a generous allowance for ventilation. You should also consider how tall you want it to be; if you’re not particularly tall yourself, there may be no point of having a towering stacks of storage that you can’t access.

You’ll then need to think about factors like how you shop and what food you need to store. This will affect which kitchen appliance designed to preserve food you’ll need. There is now a huge range of choices including fridge freezers with roughly equal fresh and frozen food storage, large fridges with small freezers, and even huge freezers with a little fridge space.

The size and composition of your fridge freezer will have an impact on its efficiency and how useful it is to you. While larger freezer sections generally take more electricity to run, they can help you store more food for future use, whether that’s leftovers or building up supplies for a scrumptious recipe for dinner that calls for several exotic ingredients. An efficient large fridge section, especially if it has dedicated salad crispers or wine storage, might be better suited those who entertain regularly by cooking with fresh ingredients.


You’ll have to weigh up the costs of any extra power demands versus savings on food waste to find the right balance for your needs. Once you’ve done that, you can have some fun and choose the kitchen equipment that fits with your kitchen’s design or a newly chosen theme. White goods rarely come only in white these days; you can pick a fridge freezer’s color and external finish as precisely as you define its vital functions, so be sure to choose one you’ll be happy living with for a long time. After all, if all goes well, your chosen appliance could last for years.

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