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As you know, garlic has amazing health benefits, and they way you can boost those garlic benefits is by a simple cooking tip. This is how to get a garlic boost in your diet:

After chopping or crushing garlic for a recipe, let is sit at room temperature for 10 minutes – enough time to active its anticancer properties – before heating and cooking!  Is this easy or what? Just what busy moms like when it comes to contributing to our family’s health! 😉


Ahora en espanol


Como ustedes saben, el ajo tiene beneficios para la salud increíble, y la forma en que se puede aumentar los beneficios del ajo es  con un consejo sencillo de cocina. Aquí les digo cómo reforzar su dieta agraves del ajo:

Después de cortar o aplastar el ajo para una receta, déjelo reposar  a temperatura ambiente durante 10 minutos – tiempo suficiente para activar sus propiedades anticancerosas  – antes de calentar y cocinar! ¿No les parece fácil ? Justamente lo que a las mamás ocupadas nos gusta cuando se trata de contribuir a la salud de nuestra familia! 😉

– The Moms Buzz | La voz de Mamá


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My real job in life is raising my 3 kids and having a nice, healthy and active family life. Along the way, I realized that motherhood didn’t come with a manual and frequently asked questions so I had to learn my way through with the help and advice of other mothers and that is how I decided to start a blog about tips for busy moms, The Moms Buzz, a lifestyle blog about only the buzz that matters. Modern moms are busy busy, and whatever tips make our lives easier we are ready to try them, we don’t have the time to read and read lengthy advices, but we can certainly read 1-2-3-SOLVED. Adriana is also the founder of ModaPreviewInternational.com and an established fashion/portrait photographer.

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  1. How to at Homemaker Barbi

    Good reminder. I just started taking garlic pills again also- a good addition to multivitamin for when you’re not adding extra garlic into your cooking.
    I don’t know how I never found your site before, but I’m glad I have now!
    Danelle Ice / Homemaker Barbi


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