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Giving up smoking is crucial for your and your family’s
. However, giving up smoking is no easy task. In fact, a now
classic study
places nicotine amongst the most addictive substances known
to man by some standards. With nicotine ranking in the same class as heroin in
terms of how habit-forming it is giving up smoking seems like an impossible
task. Fortunately, with the advances in modern science, there is a proven
method that yields significantly better results than quitting ‘cold turkey’:
Nicotine Replacement Therapy.
NRT has been around for a while. Nicotine gum and lozenges
have existed since the early nineties and nicotine inhalers, vaporizers and
electronic-cigarettes have developed over the last two decades. Today we have a
wide variety of NRT alternatives and we are getting more and more every year.

But what does this have to do with my family? You may ask.
And why should I care? First of all, smoking is hands down one of the most
dangerous activities you could engage in around your kids and spouse. The
effects of second-hand smoke are well documented and recent data suggest that
‘third-hand smoke’ might also be a risk factor, especially with kids.
Third-hand smoke refers to the residue or microscopic film left by the smoke in
a room, which is mostly nicotine laced with a wide variety of cancer-inducing
chemicals. This residue is left over in the rooms that you smoke in, on the
walls and floors, on the counters and tables, basically everywhere.

And let’s not forget the risk that you are putting yourself
in by smoking. Smoking fills your lungs with tar, formaldehyde (embalming
fluid), carbon monoxide and a lot of cancer-causing substances. This in
addition to nicotine, which might be poisonous in large quantities but is at
least the substance that you crave.

Last but not least, think about the psychological impact of
a smoking parent on a young child. While teenagers tend to shy away from
authority and reject parental role-models, younger children love them and will
actively imitate smoking parents. Not only does this make the child more open
to the idea of smoking and tobacco but it might push him down the path to a
nicotine addiction as well.

So how can NRT help you? Well, first of all, no NRT products
contain any harmful additional substances from tobacco, like the cancer-causing
compounds in processed tobacco. Second of all, vaporizers and e-cigarettes do
not emit any smoke either. They function on a nicotine solution so the only
thing you are inhaling is water vapor, glycerol and nicotine. Most of what you
are exhaling is pure water vapor. This means that you can use your e-cig or
chew nicotine gum around your children although that would still set a bad
example to them as most e-cigs look like regular cigarettes. Plus, children
love devices and gadgets so you shouldn’t accustom your children with any
smoking paraphernalia.

The most important aspect, though, is that NRT is easily
dosable, especially with inhaler devices. While gum and lozenges release their
nicotine slowly and are harder to control, e-cigarettes, vaporizers and, to a
lesser extent, inhalers are very easy to control so that you can slowly reduce
your nicotine dependency.

Many people can
even reduce their nicotine intake to zero within a few months and just use the
e-cigarette or regular chewing gum as more of a psychological addiction. You
can get rid of this as well by taking up something else instead, like running.
Many people undergoing NRT start a running program like couch to 5k and
gradually replace nicotine with workouts. It is one of the best solutions, as
not only do you ditch an unhealthy habit, you pick a healthy one instead. Plus,
running is something you can get your spouse into as well. He or she will enjoy
supporting your battle with smoking, as you both get leaner and fitter.

NRT is an effective way to quit smoking for both your sake
and your family’s. But it is not enough. You need to find balance in your life
and start living a fitter and healthier lifestyle in order to truly ditch
cigarettes and start to enjoy life to the fullest with your children and


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