Handling House Moves with Children

The task of
moving homes can be quite a nerve-wracking experience for most adults. The
packing and shifting process gets significantly more complicated when there are
young children around. As a parent you cannot leave small children to their own
devices while you take care of the shifting process, yet, at the same time you
cannot ignore the move either. The trick to managing both without succumbing to
the pressure yourself is to keep a cool head and plan things meticulously.

Shifting to a
new home is a new start for you and your children. Most adults become so
involved in the packing and moving process that they fail to take into account
how the entire experience will affect their children. Plan for the moving day in
advance and make every decision keeping your children’s needs in mind. Most
importantly, do not leave things until the last day. There will always be
last-minute emergencies to attend to and your children will also require care
and affection so leaving any ends loose will be poor decision-making on your

The process of
wrapping, boxing and dismantling items in the house is bound to create a lot of
clutter and mess. Handling children at a time when the whole house has to be
packed and labelled can prove to be challenging. Not only will they get
stressed out and cranky, they will also get in your way. Apart from the anxiety
that the situation can create, there is also the added worry of safety hazards.
When the house is being packed there will be a lot of tools and pointy items
and sharp edges lying exposed and unchecked all over the house.

The ideal
to this situation would be to send your children away to a relative or
friend’s house for a few days. Don’t wait until the last day because you will
need as much time as you can get to be able to pack in peace. It will also give
the children time to adjust to the new surroundings.

Asking a friend
or relative to take care of the kids will mean that they will they not be in
your way and you will not have to worry about them all day long. You will also
know that they are well taken care of and there is a responsible adult
attending to all their needs. When you are tasked with packing up your home and
shifting and overseeing the move, you shouldn’t have to worry about making sure
the children are properly fed and clothed and bathed and that their day is
moving along uninterrupted.

In fact, in a
house that is being dismantled and packed into boxes, all the basic amenities,
supplies, food items, cookware and so on will be unusable. Even if you were to
keep your children around, you would not be able to meet any of their regular
needs. Leaving the children with a favourite aunt or grandmother will make sure
they are safe, won’t get hurt in all the rush and chaos, and most importantly,
that their regular routines will not be disrupted by the move.

Some parents
prefer keeping the children around for the lighter packing days when there is
less rush and stress. If you wish to involve the children in the packing
process as a fun responsibility-building exercise, give them small tasks like
sorting their toys, making a list of all of their belongings or folding all
their clothes into their own boxes as neatly as they can. You can keep them
occupied while at the same time teaching them some important habits. Even if
you do have to do it over later, your children will have had fun and learned
some invaluable lessons.

Moving to a new
home is a huge change for children. Try to make the process of shifting as
comfortable for them as possible. A small going-away party with their friends
can make the shifting seem like a less sorrowful experience. Taking the
children to the new house before moving is also a good way to get them excited
with the prospect of a new home.   

Make a separate
overnight kit with a couple of clothes, toiletries and some fun items -a book
or a toy the child can’t do without. This will make spending the first night in
the new home much easier since everything else will be packed up. If possible,
get the kids’ room in the new house functioning to some extent before shifting
them to it.

– Nicole for TheMomsBuzz.com

About the guest blogger:

 Nicole is a
passionate  writer, devoted mum and
adventurer. She enjoys writing about healthy lifestyle and easy  home organizing. You can read her
publications at: http://www.houseremovals.org.uk



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