Yes, yes, children do push our limits repeatedly and sometimes, we may lose it. But, hands-off, mommy, don't spank him, a study says if you want to raise a peaceful child.  The study finds that children who are spanked (or otherwise punished physically) as a 3-year-olds are more likely to behave aggressively vy the age of 5.

In the study, researchers at Tulane University in New Orleans asked 2,500 mother how often they had spanked their 3-year-old in the past month.  When the chldre turned 5, the researchers then asked the mothers about their kids' aggressive behavior such as bullying, cruelty and fighting with other children. 

Although the American Academy of Pediatrics "strongly opposes striking a child for any reason," about 54% of the mothers surveyed said they had spannked their child in the month before.  Spanking supporters claim that hitting helps children learn to control their behavior and act appropriately.  But even controlling for other factors, including maternal depression, stress, and drug use, the results clearly showed a link between spanking and later, aggressive behavior.

Rather that striking children, the researches recommend using age-appropriate, positive, non physical forms of discipline, such as timeouts and rewards for good behavior. 

When we feel we are losing all patience and have reached our limit, it is time to breathe deeply, regroup yourself and start from scratching with positive and loving parenting. It is so much worth it.



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