Healthy snacks for the entire family do not need to be laborious, but by the end of the school year, I feel I am depleted of ideas and creativity.  My light bulb does not switch on as easily, and honestly, I just want something that I can grab, knowing that it is a good option for my family, without giving it a lot of thought.

Fortunately, I recently learned there are some products endorsed by Weight Watchers® that are great to serve as after-school snacks, to get you through the day or even as a meal. I do most of my shopping at Walmart due to the proximity to my house, besides, you can’t beat their prices elsewhere, so I got two products endorsed by Weight Watchers® plus one by the brand itself, and put my creativity to work again for some healthy snacks.

Healthy snacks for family

  • Weight Watchers® Endorsed Jolly Time Healthy Pop Microwave
  • Weight Watchers® Endorsed Sandwich Thins by Arnold®.
  • Weight Watchers® Ice Cream Bars (extra).

Healthy Snacks When You Run Out of Ideas

With these three products, I prepared a nice after-school snack for my children, and, don’t say anything, but it will be also their lunch box for tomorrow.  😉  I prepared a turkey-cheese sandwich with spinach and avocado using the Weight Watchers® endorsed Arnold® Sandwich Thins, served with the Weight Watchers® Endorsed Jolly Time Healthy Pop, a piece of fruit, and the Weight Watchers® Ice Cream Pops.  Had I served this snack early evening, it would have easily masked as “dinner is served.”

Healthy Snacks Options for the Family

I chose the Weight Watchers® Endorsed Sandwich Thins by Arnold® because it is a light bread, ideal for snacking, excellent source of fiber, fewer calories and lower SmartPoints® value of 3 than regular bread (important, especially, if you follow a Weight Watchers® diet) .  It comes in different varieties, it is also light enough for an early dinner, and of course, for lunch. A great low-calorie snack or meal for sure.

The Weight Watchers® Endorsed Jolly Time Healthy Pop was a great accompaniment for this light, spinach, avocado and turkey sandwich.  Besides, you  may want to know that it received the first ever Good Housekeeping seal of approval for a food brand, and if you are keeping track of the SmartPoints® is has 3 per serving. Needless to say,  I love the fact that is a low-calorie snack, only 100 calories per mini bag!

As for sweets, my kids had the option of having a tangerine or a Weight Watchers® Ice Cream Bar in raspberry flavor with dark chocolate. Of course, my children negotiated and got both as dessert.  The low calorie ice cream bar is quite light, tasty and has also only 3 SmartPoints® if you need to keep track of them.

Healthy Snacks for the Family

There is  larger selection of Weight Watchers® options at Walmart to use as snacks or fit onto your everyday wellness routine such as the:

  • Weight Watchers® String Cheese
  • Weight Watchers® Baked Goods
  • Weight Watchers® Ice Cream Novelties

As you can see, you definitely got options here.  By the way, there is an iBotta offer available up to $4 for you to use next time.  Leave me a message below when you try any of these options at home and let me know what you think.  You can get more ideas here at the Weight Watchers® Facebook page, and the best part, you do not need to be a member of their diet program to incorporate them in your family diet.

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Weight Watchers®. The opinions and texts are all mine.

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