Today a flawless face seems what everyone is talking in the beauty world –
that is the goal.  Of course, in all the ads, the flawless face model
has a truly flawless skin and does not represent the majority of us who
does not. Some of us may have a beautiful skin texture, but that does
not mean is completely flawless. So, how to do we fake it?  I truly
believe that the best way to do it is to have a nude looking makeup.
Bobbie Brown defines "nude makeup" to be one that's right for a woman's
skin tone, not the one that it's hardly there. The key words here are
"right for your skin tone."

once you have the right makeup for your skin tone (colors, foundation
formula, powders, etc.) you should follow the below tips by expert
makeup artist, Laura Mercier, so well know by her "flawless makeup."
Here is what she recommends to achieve a flawless looking skin using
your makeup line of preference:
Use a primer.  Primer is usually misunderstood and women tend to skip
it.  A primer is key to seal your moisturizer and also allows your
cosmetics from bring absorb into the skin, making your makup stay
longer and fresher throughout the day.
Use foundation as it is meant to be used.  It is not used to cover
imperfections. It is meant to even out your skin, not to erase pores or
Apply concealer exclusively under the eye to cover circles and brighten
shadows.  The formula you choose should provide coverage, be supple and
hydrating because the delicate area under the eye tends to be drier and
thinner than the rest of your face.
Use a concealer powder to set your concealer. Do this right after
applying correctly your concealer, before putting on camouflage and
powder to the rest of the face.
If you have pimples, age spots, shadows, scars or any other
imperfection, use camouflage, not concealer.  Camouflage is more
pigmented, less emollient than concealer, and it is meant to be applied
as many times as necessary to cover completely these imperfections
mentioned above. 
The last thing you put on is translucent powder to set your makeup and
achieve a flawless faceTranslucent powder, when applied correctly,
sets your foundations, concealer, camouflage and everything else in
place. It also prepares the face for color.
7.  Either take a makeup class or approach a cosmetic counter and have the beautician teach you how to apply these products.

Try these steps and tell us how flawless your skin looked or share your beauty tips with us to achieve that flawless look!

– The Moms Buzz

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