The other day I was cooking for various days, and I had all my burners in use and needed to hard-boil eggs.  Since I always make rice in the microwave, I decide to try to hard-boil my eggs in the microwave as well.

I went through my recipe book on how to cook in the microwave and comparing with other tips on the Intetrnet, it got pretty decent hard-boiled eggs.

Here is how to hard-boil eggs in the microwave:

1. Use a microwave-safe or glass bowl and fill it more than halfway with water.

2. Heat the water for three minutes or so at full power (100%) until it's really hot.

3. Add 3 eggs or more as needed and cover with a lid or a microwave cover

4. Microwave for 6-8 minutes at half power (50%) depending on how many eggs you have.

And, voilá!! 

Tip: Remember that to peel hard-boil eggs, it is better to do it while they are still hot.  



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