Any tips we can get from the experts, busy moms not only need but love them, right? Even more so, when it comes down to making our laundry chore easier.  Laundry tips always come in handy for busy moms.  Well, let me tell you that in this post, we get some 3 tips on how to wash winter whites easier:

  • how to wash white denin
  • how to wash white cottons
  • how to wash white silks

How to Wash Winter Whites: Washing Your White Denim

  • Fill your washing machine with water and the directed amount of laundry detergent and liquid bleach.  I love to use the little pods because it is all in one kind of deal and less mess.  Check the label on your jeans for the correct water temperature to avoid shrinking your favorite pair of pants.
  • To give your denim a crips finish, add ½ cup of baking soda to the rinse cycle on the washing machine.  This will further whiten your jeans while freshening and softening them.

How to Wash Winter Whites: Washing Your White Cotton

  • Set the machine to normal warm water.  Use a stain lifter directly on the garment or pour bleach into the machine as directed, if applicable for all items.  Put them in your dryers on the recommended dryer setting from the fabric care label.

How to Wash Winter Whites: Washing Your White Silk

  • Check the fabric care label on your silk pieces to make sure they are machine or h and-washable.  Was on a delicate cycle or “hand-wash cycle” in cool water with a small amount of midl detergent.  Once the cycle is complete, hand your garment or lay it flat in a shaded area to dry.  If pressing is needed, put the iron on a low or moderate steam setting and press on the wrong side of the fabric.  Make sure use an all-cotton ironing board as well.



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