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I have to confess, I hadn’t been to JCPenney® in the last few years just because the store that used to be close to my house moved to another neighborhood.  I used to go to JCPenney mostly for household items, get bargains, not too much to dress my entire family.  However, given that back to school is just around the corner, and the fact that I got a couple of gift cards to shop at JCPenney®, it was just the perfect time to get reacquainted with the store and everything it has to offer to its customers.  So, I recently went there to shop for back to school apparel and write about my shopping experience at JCPenney®.

JCPenny: the One-Stop Store to Dress Your Family for Back to School

Now I have another confession to make:  I am in love with JCPenney®!  Wow! I had the wrong appreciation of JCPenney’s apparel inventory and quality.  I was so impressed to see fine brands like Nike, Adidas, Izod, Dockers, Levis, in the apparel department, brands like Samsonite in the luggage the department at fabulous prices, other famous brands like Fila, High Sierra, Columbia and JanSport for backpacks, and good and affordable brands like Maidenform for little girls, not to mention that they had a fantastic sale going on, and that they have a Sephora in-site store! These are all famous brands whose quality I trust and JCPenney® brings them to us at affordable prices!

I thought to myself, “I just found the one-stop store to dress my entire family for back to school…why go elsewhere?”

JCPenny: the One-Stop Store to Dress Your Family for Back to School

The apparel sections of the store are so well stocked up with fashionable and stylish clothing to bend the trends with your own personal style.

For teens and little girls who are more fashion aware, JCPenney® offers a wide selection of styles and popular trend-bending combinations, such as “Gym-Tastic”, “Plaid-Posterous” and “Varsity-Hues” to rock that fashion forward look, distinct and yet pleasingly trendy!

JCPenny: the One-Stop Store to Dress Your Family for Back to School

For my boys, I was quite happy to see that I could find clothing in any age group.  My older son is a well-developed 13-year old and he wears size 14/16 and sometimes a larger size depending on the brand, cut and style, so I was very pleased when I saw this wall filled with jeans for boys with a wide selection for ages up to 20! I haven’t seen that elsewhere!

The Store of JCPenney® at Fair Oaks Mall

You know, many low cost stores have an image of being unattractive stores, their décor is not fancy or appealing, which you know, certainly contributes to a more pleasant shopping experience, and now I have another big confession to make:

What made the most impact on me about JCPenney® was its organization, cleanliness, open spaces and hallways, a great layout and a friendly customer service!

All the required must-haves to guarantee an enjoyable shopping experience were present and without breaking my bank account! Can you beat that? Of course, not!  Just check out my photos, the store is pristine, so organized and well compartmentalized. Moreover, the customer service on the floor was friendly and very helpful.

JCPenny: the One-Stop Store to Dress Your Family for Back to School

I got this well-mannered, sweet lady called, Gretchel, who was so helpful and awfully patient with me.  I had tons of clothing to check out, ran back to the get a few more things while she went through all my bags, and helping me to organize my purchases.  Granted that I was the only one in line, but still, I thought, she gave her best to help me through and make my shopping experience at JCPenney® a pleasurable one.  She reminded to come back during certain dates for additional sales that I couldn’t pass by, she said. Yes, I do want to go back and shop there some more and visit the sections I hadn’t had a chance to look at.

JCPenny: the One-Stop Store to Dress Your Family for Back to School

My closest JCPenney® is about 20 minutes away no traffic.  Normally, I would not go that far out to buy essentials; however, my experience at JCPenney was such a positive one that I want to finish up what I started for back to school!  It was a real pleasure to shop at JCPenney of Fair Oaks Mall in Virginia.

Stay tuned for my next post about how much I saved shopping for my family t JCPenney®! 😉

– Adriana/TheMomsBuzz.com

This is a sponsored campaign in collaboration with JCPenney® and Latina Bloggers Connect. However, all opinions expressed are my own.

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