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Hispanic Heritage Month There has been so many events around the country to celebrate the Hispanic Heritage Month, but I have to say that the one I enjoyed the most was a Facebook Chat  hosted by Adrienne Bailon and sponsored by Orgullosa about the concept surrounding La Nueva Latina.

What does it mean to be a Latina today?  How do we balance living in two worlds and still celebrate our Latin heritage while embracing our American lifestyles?

These were the 2 main questions being addressed by Adrienne Bailon amongst a shower of questions that we all had to know her more personally.  I have to say that despite being born in the US, Adrienne Bailon is a true Latina and a true American. She is both and  represents her bicultural backgrounds with much pride. Of course, it goes without saying, she is adorable.

adrienne-bailon-FASHION SHOW_cropped

The chat was such a great experience for all of us Latinas, whether born, raised or immigrated to the US we realize that as a community we have been open to the American lifestyle without sacrificing our Latin identity, values and traditions.  We have learned to maximize our bicultural potential into what we now define as the Nueva Latina, independent women, driven, passionate about life and about our different roles in lives, and proud of our Hispanic roots.

The Spanish language and traditional foods were topics discussed extensively during the Facebook chat.  We all love our latin dishes, so representative of our culture, and of course, our rich and beautiful Spanish language, which is a challenge to keep alive in many of the Latin homes, but it is doable as many of us have success stories. We just do not have to give up on our language at home because “La Nueva Latina” is a fighter, an influencer and a path maker.

One of the main messages I got from Adrienne Bailon and the Facebook Chat in general is that we need to support each other.  If we all want to make an even more impact as Nuevas Latinas, we need to support our celebrities, our leaders with whom we share the same values, and of course, our family and friends, who are trying to make a difference in our community whether it is in politics, social causes, entertainment or education.

If you are Latina reading this post and couldn’t join us at the Facebook Chat you can still participate by creating your image of an Orgullosa Latina con “la falda bien puesta” on the Orgullosa Latina App like mine! Go ahead and leave your bit of Latin pride and support.

Orgullosa de ser Latina Y Peruana

 And, because we want to continue the discussion about what the Nueva Latina is, how do you define it?  Are you yourself a Nueva Latina?  Tell me that I am all ears!

– The Moms Buzz

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