Many of us have not taken our vacation yet, and we are starting to get bombarded with "Back to School" ad campaigns.  This post is meant to help you out in the transition once you have taken your vacation or have completely relaxed before the school year starts again.  So, don't feel the pressure yet! 😉

These 8 ways to get organized for back to school will make the transition smoother, make it more somewhat more fun, save you a lot of time and anxiety later!

1. Shift your schedules. The unstructured days of summer are ending, so ease your kid back into a school schedule by shifting his bedtime back to a school-day bedtime and waking him closer to the hour he'll need to rise.

2. Have a morning routine run-through. The week before school starts, start getting your child up, dressed, and fed in the same time as you would on a school day.

3. Clean closets and study areas. Go through your child's clothes and get rid of anything he's outgrown or worn out. Do a thorough cleaning of his room and study area as well, storing papers and books he won't need this year to make room for new books and supplies.

4. Stock up on supplies and clothing. Make a list of everything she'll need for the coming year, from socks to crayons.  Take advantage of back-to-school tax-free days. Many states have it. Find out when your state's is scheduled for, and try to do the shopping then for some extra savings!

5. Get papers in order. Get all paperwork filled and read that your child will need to start. Take care of any missing vaccinations or health forms ASAP.

6. Update your calendar.  A calendar is a great tool for staying organized and managing the kids’ busy schedules. Take the time to add school-related items to your calendar, like half-days and holidays. Also, fill in your kids’ regular activities, like soccer practice, ballet, or karate. Modern moms rely on smart phones to keep track of kids' agendas and use a color-coding system for easy spotting. Since you can do this on the go, do it on the go as you learn what the activities, times and locations are going to be.

7. Create a File Central. Set up file bins marked "To be Signed," "From School," and "To School," so your child can deposit papers you need to see in a regular place right after school and pick up things to go "To School" each morning.

8. Get doctor's visit out of the way.  It is always a good idea to set up well-being, dentist, and other doctor appointment done and out of the way before school starts.  Agendas tend to get super busy once school starts so make an effort to get this done before. 

9. Get your car to service.  This is something moms hate to do, at least, I do.  I do not like to give up my car just as much as I don't like leaving my home without my cell phone anymore.  But, it a necessary evil because later in the year once school starts, it becomes a challenge to leave the car at the shop or dealer's for service, inspection, emission, etc.  Do it now while you can! It will save you a scheduling and logistical headache!

10. Plan breakfast and lunchbox menus.  I usually have have breakfast menu at home.  It not only allows me to know what to prepare early in the morning when I am half awake, but also kids already know what to expect the night before or when the wake up.  It does help in keeping the whining and drama around breakfast time.  In parallel, keep a menu for lunchbox for the same purposes. It makes your morning smoother.  I allow my children to buy lunch once a week so that they choose whatever they like to eat off the school's cafeteria menu.  They love it and it gives them a nice break. I do it on Fridays!

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