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Every busy mom must have a beauty survival kit just in case of what could come up during our busy agendas – you never know.  So, take a note of this beauty survival kit I have put together for busy moms.

Beauty Survival Kit

  1. Clear lip gloss or chapstick
  2. Dental floss and toothpick
  3. Mini mouthwash.
  4. Mini trial size perfume spritzer
  5. Hairspray or gel
  6. Visine and pressed powder
  7. Tissues
  8. Miniature bottle of lotion
  9. For more exclusive events and outings, you may wish to include: Extra pantyhose or at least clear nail polish.
  10. Toothbrush and toothpaste
  11. OxiClean® Spray-A-Way – Instant Stain Remover – for unexpected stains in travel or pocket size.
  12. LYSOL® Disinfectant Spray To-Go to eliminate odors in travel or pocket size.
  13. Anti-Bacterial Wipes for everything and anything – you know, with kids, we get lots of spills and dirty hands.

Do you have anything else to add to this beauty survival kit for busy moms?  I would love to hear about it.

– The Moms Buzz

Ahora en espanol

Cada mamá ocupada debe tener un kit de supervivencia de belleza por si acaso y así estar preparadas para cualquier eventualidad en nuestras agendas ocupadas – nunca se sabe que puede surgir fuera de lo planeado. Por lo tanto, toma nota de este kit de supervivencia belleza.

Kit de supervivencia de belleza

  1. Brillo de labios transparente o chapstick
  2. Hilo dental y mondadientes
  3. Mini enjuague bucal.
  4. Mini atomizador de perfume para disimular cualquier mal olor
  5. Laca o fijador de cabello o gel
  6. Gotas de ojos como Visine® y polvo compacto
  7. Pañuelos de papel como Kleenex®
  8. Mini botella de loción de manos
  9. Para eventos más exclusivos y salidas, es buena idea incluir: medias nylon extra o al menos esmalte transparente.
  10. Cepillo de dientes y pasta de dientes
  11. OxiClean ® Spray-A-Way – Quitamanchas instantáneo – para las manchas inesperadas de viajes o tamaño de bolsillo.
  12. Lysol Aerosol Desinfectante ® To-Go para eliminar los olores durante el viaje o tamaño de bolsillo.
  13. Toallas antibacterianas para todo y cualquier cosa – usted sabe, con los niños, los derrames y manos sucias están a la orden del día.

¿Tienes algo más que añadir a esta lista de supervivencia de belleza para la mamá ocupada?  Me gustaría escucharlo.

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My real job in life is raising my 3 kids and having a nice, healthy and active family life. Along the way, I realized that motherhood didn’t come with a manual and frequently asked questions so I had to learn my way through with the help and advice of other mothers and that is how I decided to start a blog about tips for busy moms, The Moms Buzz, a lifestyle blog about only the buzz that matters. Modern moms are busy busy, and whatever tips make our lives easier we are ready to try them, we don’t have the time to read and read lengthy advices, but we can certainly read 1-2-3-SOLVED. Adriana is also the founder of and an established fashion/portrait photographer.

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  1. Tara

    I love that OxiClean! I keep that little spray bottle in my briefcase and one in my car. It’s so good for spills and messes in the car, but especially when heading into a meeting and discovering dripped coffee on the blouse. I love it so much I bought some for my mom and my friends so they would have one in their cars!


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