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Year after year, I have this feeling of satisfaction that having registered my daughter at Our Lady of Good Counsel School (OLGC) was one of the best decisions I have ever made as a mother. So, it comes natural to me that nominating OLGC School to Project A+™ is another of those good decisions that will bring an ongoing satisfaction as well, not only to me but to the entire school community.  I am so glad that I can do the Tyson® Project A+™ through the Walmart portal because I truly believe that OLGC deserves the $1,000 grant to support its academic initiatives to benefit its student body and faculty.

About Our Lady of Good Counsel Catholic School

OLGC School Vienna Core Values-txt Our Lady of Good Counsel Catholic School was established in 1957 and is a parish elementary and middle school with approximately 425 students in grades Kindergarten through Grade 8. OLGC School was accredited by The Virginia Catholic Education Association (VCEA) since 1972, it is also a member of the National Catholic Education Association (NCEA) and was awarded U.S. Department of Education “No Child Left Behind” Blue Ribbon School status.

The School provides a Catholic education instilled with the spirituality of St. Francis de Sales. It is intended to “make the children’s faith a living, conscious, and active one through the light of instruction.”  The integration of religious truth and values with life is the focal point of the curriculum. As part of its educational program, OLGC School strives for academic excellence, encourages appreciation of the fine arts, fosters self-respect and respect for all life, and attempts to develop responsibility for the total community.

Some community service activities include food drives, Bracelets for Africa, Christmas Giving Tree and Adopt-a-Family, performances for seasoned citizens, cards for servicemen, and various fundraising activities.

Why Granting the Project A+™ $1,000 to  OLGC School is a Smart Decision

Under the tenure leadership of its current Principal, Mr. Poole, OLGC School has not only achieved academic excellence in every school grade, but a sense of community, closely knitted as that of a family, which instilled in each child, founded with strong pillars of life core values… is simply exemplary.

I have experienced the cultural and idiosyncrasy differences of three schools.  I cannot emphasize more the peace of mind I get every morning when I drop off my daughter at OLGC in that she continues on the same road of life core values and good morale, which start at home and continue to school.  In order words, students at OLGC receive a well-rounded education that starts from the basic values of living an ethical and respectful life to themselves and those in their community, supported with academic excellence. OLGC life core and academic values are such that each student thrives in all aspects of life.

In order to continue with its educational programs so that all students grow academically and spiritually into good citizens with strong moral values, a small school like OLGC will highly benefit from the $1000 grant from the Tysons Project A+™ Program supported by Walmart.

How to Support Your School through the Tyson Project A+ Program


The Tyson Project A+™ program is one of the simplest ways to support your school. Just clip and collect Tyson Project A+™ labels from Tyson® participating packages. For every label submitted, Tyson will give the school cash and the school can use the money for whatever it needs. See an example of where to find the label above in the image.  The Tyson® products featured above are the Tyson® Fun Nuggets, Tyson® Chicken Nuggets and Tyson® Chicken Strips.  However, there are many other Tyson® products affiliated with Tyson Project A+™ Program, to learn more go here:

In addition, remember you can nominate your school or OLGC through the Walmart Portal of Tyson Project A+™.

Nominate OLGC or Your School Here!


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