One of the school accessories that get beat up the most during school season is our kid’s backpack! So, if your child’s backpack seems like it was used to sweep the school floors, it may be time to get a new one!  Proper use of backpack s and proper selection of your children’s backpack is important to ensure a healthy back and avoid injuries at a young age.

Before you get a new one though, read the following tips on  proper use and selection your kid’s next backpack.  LL Bean and the American Occupational Therapy Association have put together answers to some frequently asked questions and at the same time, providing tips on proper use of backpacks.

Proper Use and Selection of Your Child's Backpack

Which Pack Is Right for My Child?

  • Select a pack that is appropriate to your child’s age and size.
  • Select a pack with well padded shoulder straps.
  • Consider a pack with waist belt and padded back panels for extra comfort and stability.
  • Consider a pack with reflective trim for increased visibility.
  • Consider a pack with wheels for heavy loads or special needs.

CDs, gadgets, in-line skates, snacks, video games, laptops, and of course, books make up the daily load that children these days pack into their backpacks.  Are you surprised? Nope…it’s a fact! Loading too much into a book pack or not wearing correctly can hurt your child’s back, lead to other injuries , or just be uncomfortable.

How Should My Child Load Her Pack?

  • Tell her to load heavy items close to her back.
  • Tell her to be careful to overload the pack and eliminate unnecessary items.
  • Tell her to distribute content of pack evenly.

How Should My Child Wear Her Pack?

  • Your child should always wear both straps.
  • Adjust her should straps so that the pack fits snug against the back and close to her body.
  • Fasten the waist belt and adjust strap length to secure and center the load of her pack. This will ensure a good back health.
  • Ensure that there is no dangling or loose straps that might become entangled in vehicle, bus doors, or in bicycle wheels.

Proper use of a backpack promotes a healthy back and avoids injuries at a young age!



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