Quick Tip: Thumb Sucking

Worried about thumb-sucking?  Just one of my children sucked one of his fingers, the index one.  I really never pressured him to stop.  I knew that when he would be school age, he would stop on  his own.  I did myself.  I was a late bloomer in that sense.  I loved to suck my thumb, and I would only do it when I was at home. One day, I stopped magically!  So, I figured my son would do the same, and he did. 

But here are some quick tips about thumb sucking for those moms who are a bit concerned:

  1. NORMAL KID COMFORT – Thumb sucking is a natural instinct, for survival at first. Ultrasounds show fetus sucking thumb. But it is associated with soothing and relaxed feelings, so kids use it to calm themselves.
  2. 85% STOP BY AGES 5-6 – Many kids just stop. 50% or so never start. Some parents give pacifiers to infants as a replacement. Peer pressure at school and elsewhere helps kids to quit.
  3. PROBLEMS WITH TEETH & FRIENDS – If thumb sucking continues past age five and it is energetic, upper and lower incisors do not grow in properly. Continued thumb sucking can also be associated with peer rejection.
  4. REWARD BEATS PUNISHMENT – If a child is motivated to stop, praise him. A charting system can also help. No nagging, yelling, arguing! If child is not motivated, have the dentist explain problems that may result. Habit reversal programs may also help, in which child finds substitute behaviors, watches behavior in mirror, etc

– The Moms Buzz

Source: ParentMagic Inc www.parentmagic.com Easy –to-Learn Parenting Solutions
that WORK from Dr. Thomas Phelan

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