When you are at the supermarket, don’t think that everything you see if perfectly safe.  Here are some safety tips when buying Frozen Foods:
  1. Choose hard, cold packages.  Even at the supermarket, freezers may be malfunctioning. Warmed-up containers can lead to an increased risk of food-poisoning from growing micro-organisms.
  2. Lean in.  Select frozen foods from the back of the freezer case.  Those items usually remain the coldest and most frozen.
  3. Look for telltale drips. These are the number #1 sign that the food inside has thawed or melted. This could make them more vulnerable to bacteria growth. So if, say, an ice-cream container or yogurt has a stream down the side, put it back and grab one that doesn’t.
  4. Expiration Date.  Even though their shelf life is much longer than non-frozen foods, frozen foods do have an expiration date when buying frozen foods.

– Adriana/The Moms Buzz


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