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If you thought you were saving big on back to school apparel this past weekend with the sales tax free weekend, think again! You can save BIG on back to school apparel sales at JCPenney® of up to 40% -60% off.  Last week I went to get reacquainted with JCPenney® after many years of not shopping there.  I went back again since I couldn’t get everything the first time, and also because the deals were so fantastic for back to school apparel that I could not beat those prices anywhere else.

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Exclusive Offers for Back to School Apparel at JCPenney®

In my first shopping experience at JCPenney®, I raved about how impressed I was with the store’s cleanliness, open spaces, merchandise and helpful customer service. This time around, I felt I did so much smart shopping because the exclusive offers for back to school apparel at JCPenney® were just unbeatable.

I was able to shop for my entire family, husband, kids and myself included and saved big on all the apparel.  There were savings of up to 40-50% off plus if you spent more than $50, you could get additional savings with a coupon!  Better yet, if you opened a JCPenney® account, you would get an additional %15 off. Wow! I bought 47 items, and saved a total of $517.41 adding all the discounts and coupon discounts!

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For my sons, I got amazing every-day clothing for the new school year and sports apparel.  Since my daughter goes to a private school and uses a uniform, I got for her instead, socks, pjs, underwear and fashionable weekend 3-piece outfits – adorable!  Another section that caught my attention was just as they have sizes for ages up to 20 in boys, they have sizes for girls plus size – how neat is that? Girls of any size can bend the trend with amazing stylish and fashionable outfits.

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I got myself a stylish ripped jeans (reduced from $38 to $22 + coupon = $14.02) reduced to and a fashionable camo backpack (reduced from $70 to $26.99 + coupon = $15.49!) Like the saying goes, I shopped until I dropped! 😉  

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Just like in my first shopping experience, the customer service was great! Despite the many people shopping, the store was up-kept organized and cleaned, and the customer service lady was as helpful as she could be, and a good sales persons because she sold me opening a JCPenney® account.  Her name was Blessing – just what I needed! 😉

It was truly delightful to go to JCPenney®, and feel I got the best deals in town.  The same goes to you.  Don’t miss out on these fabulous discounts, you can save BIG on back to school apparel – guaranteed!


This is a sponsored campaign in collaboration with JCPenney® and Latina Bloggers Connect. However, all opinions expressed are my own.

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