Shop together & give together is the motto of a stylish fundraiser with Latinas 4 Latinas.  There are some fundraisers that I really love going to, which are those that involve shopping. You know, I love shopping.  In this occasion the direct sales company India Hicks has partnered with Latinas 4 Latinas, a non-profit organization dedicated to empower the Latino community in the DC area, to raise funds to help the medically underserved Latino women with cancer in the DC area.

Since many of these Latino women have very low income, it is extremely hard for them to get appropriate medical care and attention.  However, the good side of the story is that they go to Nueva Vida, a community-based non-profit organization, for assistance to navigate the cancer continuum from diagnosis to treatment to recovery and post-treatment therapy, and Latinas 4 Latinas is committed to make a difference in their lives.

Shop Together & Give Together is the Motto of a Stylish Fundraiser

Although, there is a small private soirée to raise funds through India Hicks for this cause,  I invite you to be part of this fundraiser and also participate by shopping online knowing that when you shop, Latinas 4 Latinas will be able to donate the proceeds to Nueva Vida.  It is an amazing cause.  I will be there at this stylish fundraiser to get a few gifts that I need to make, get something for myself, and mingle with my friends while doing good for others. It is a great feeling!

Best option for busy moms: shop online and feel good here:

Also, check this article about why Latinas 4 Latinas is supporting Nueva Vida and more about this cause to raise funds for Latino women with cancer who are medically underserved.

Shopping feels good when you know you are doing good for others.  I hope you can shop some or at the very least donate a bit by clicking here.


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