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This is a very interesting article that concerns us all modern moms of modern children.  Today, our children are born into an electronic era that we can't ignore.  My 2 year old already knows how to click here and there, play on a DSI without reading, writing or knowing any math! How is that possible?

Modern children are born with a chip for this kind of stuff – no doubt about it.  As much as I tried on my older children to keep them from electronic gaming and gadgets, they could still play WII or DSi at their playdate's house.  That is one of the rules I have when my children have a playdate over: no electronic games of any kind or TV, for that they do not need to have a friend over!  

At home, I have very strict rules for electronic games and even more so during school time.  But, not all parents are as strict, and this is what the article is about: Should You Step In and How When Your Friend's Child Is up at 4 AM Playing Videogames.

Here is an excerpt of the article with a very helpful tip and approach to tackle this concern of yours:

"One tactful way to bring up your concern would be to share some solid
scientific evidence, rather than criticism, and let the child’s mother
come to her own conclusion. For example, the next time she mentions her
4-year-old’s game playing habits, crankiness, or sleepiness, you could
express concern by saying something like, “You know, I just saw an article
about how researchers found that kids aren’t getting enough sleep to
grow and learn well these days, and that TV & video games might be
one of the big reasons why.” If you plant the idea of media and sleep
being related to each other without openly criticizing her parenting,
she might think further about when or how often her child plays these

I encourage you to read the entire article here.

– The Moms Buzz

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